Amino acids

Although protein levels and amino acid profiles in Artemia may show fluctuations between strains and life stage, these fluctuations are generally much less pronounced than for the lipid fraction(Table 6.1). Generally, Artemia nauplii as well as adults contain sufficient levels of the 10 amino acids that are considered essential for fish larvae. Even so, methionine seems to be the first limiting amino acid when feeding nauplii to fish larvae (Fynh et al. 1993; Concei^o 1997; Helland et al. 2000) followed by leucine (Conceicao 1998). Most protein in Artemia nauplii consists of small size proteins with a molecular weight between 7.4 and 49.2kiloDaltons (kDa) (Garcia-Ortega et al. 2001). The presence of these low molecular weight peptides and free amino acids in nauplii, together with their autolytic capacity and high solubility, account for the easy digestion ofthe proteins by young larvae. Parthenogenetic Artemia seem to contain three times more FAA than the GSL strain.

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