Equipment and maintenance

In addition to the equipment already mentioned, numerous other items are required. Fuller et al. (1992), Angell (1994) and Valenti et al. (1998) provided lists of equipment and their associated costs for designing a hatchery facility. This equipment includes a refrigerator, a stereo microscope, a refractometer or other means of measuring salinity, a pH meter, a simple balance, heaters, beakers, glass jars, buckets, a food blender, siphoning apparatus for tank cleaning, several chemicals, etc. Chowdhury et al. (1993) described the use of most of them. This equipment is similar to that used in other hatchery systems. All equipment needs to be suitable for use in seawater systems and to be free of potential contamination from the leaching of metals such as copper, brass or zinc. Maintaining equipment, such as pumps, blowers and generators, in good general working condition is critical and, therefore, they should be checked weekly.

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