The facility design is based upon the desired rate of production of PL and needs to match the broodstock capacity of the facility. The following example can be used for planning the size of a facility. A 10 000 L tank (101) stocked at 50 larvae/L (i.e. 500 000 larvae) with a survival of 80% at the completion of the larval cycle would yield 400 000 PL. To stock this tank would require approximately 25 egg-carrying female prawns averaging 45 g each. This is based upon a healthy 45 g female producing approximately 450 larvae/g. A smaller number of larger prawns would also be effective since larger females will produce more larvae per gram of weight. Fecundity is a linear function of body weight and an exponential function of body length (Malecha 1983). Assuming a desired production of 2 million PL (2.5 million larvae at 80% survival), 5 larval culture tanks each containing 101 of water and thus totalling 501 (50 000 L) would be required.

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