Chicken eggs (white and yolk)

30 ml

Cod liver oil

1 tablespoon

Mineral salts

1 capsule

Vitamins A/D/E

250 mg

Sodium alginate

0.5 g

Calcium chloride

1000 ml

Water (12p.p.t.)

and development among the individual tank systems was similar according to standard management practices. Unfortunately, all larvae died between stages IX and X, apparently the result of a water quality related outbreak of bacterial pathogens. While it remains unclear whether this diet can perform similarly to Artemia alone or in conjunction with traditional supplemental feeds, it is apparent that the development of an exclusive micro-bound diet is likely to occur. Experience with this dry formulation showed that it was attractive to the larvae, was water stable, and either floated or remained semi-buoyant for at least 15 minutes after feeding (long enough to the raptorial feeding behaviour of the larvae), and provided sufficient nutrition to produce larvae through stage X.

The ingredient composition of another, micro-particulate diet, also used in some hatcheries in Brazil (P. Castro, pers. comm. to E. Correia, 1998), is presented in Table 6.7. It is certain that many variants of inert feeds are used in freshwater prawn hatcheries; probably there are as many variants as hatchery managers! Overall, hatchery success not only relies on the high nutritive value feeds, but also on the skill of the hatchery staff. Nevertheless, most prawn hatcheries continue to rely on simple farm-made feeds in combination with Artemia nauplii.

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