Fig. 6.7 Polynomial regressions of the estimated 24hour LC5o values for total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) as a function of the larval stage index of M. rosenbergii larvae fed either enriched or starved Artemia, demonstrating the difference in quality between the two cultures of larvae. (Source: modified from Cavalli et al. 2000, copyright 2000 with permission of Elsevier.)

to alter the sex ratio in giant freshwater prawn, Baghel et al. (2004) bioencapsulated Artemia with different levels of alpha-methyl testosterone and fed these to prawn larvae for 50 days. Although not completely successful, a significant difference in sex ratios was obtained compared to the control group. However, the authors concluded that more research is needed with regard to doses and duration of treatments for complete hormonal control of sex differentiation in M. rosenbergii.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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