a Garcia-Ortega etal. 1998 b Lim etal. 2001; adults fed on rice bran c Dendrinos & Thorpe 1987; adults fed on yeast d Trotta etal. 1987

Vitamin E (a-tocopherol) concentrations in freshly-hatched nauplii vary slightly among different strains, i.e. between99and 124 |g/gDW(Huo etal. 1996).SFBArtemia cysts were analysed for the content of various other vitamins and were found to contain high levels of thiamine (7-13 |g/g), niacin (68-108 |g/g), riboflavin (15-23 |g/g), pantothenic acid (56-72 |g/g) and retinol (10-48 |g/g)

Table 6.2 Vitamin levels obtained by enrichment (log/g DW).

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