and considerable further expansion is feasible. Many other countries are reporting farmed production of M. rosenbergii to FAO but, apart from the major producers (Fig. 1.3), only Brazil, Iran, the USA, Malaysia and the Dominican Republic appeared to have an annual output that exceeded 1001 in 2007 and there are doubts about the accuracy of the data for the USA, Iran and the Dominican Republic, as discussed in Chapter 17. To date (2009) there has been relatively little production of farmed freshwater prawns of any species outside Asia, despite the many introductions of M. rosenbergii globally and a considerable level of activities in a wide range of countries. However, there remains significant potential for expansion.

The global production of M. rosenbergii in 2007 was over 221 000t (Table 1.2), 2.7 times greater than a decade earlier. In addition, the production of other farmed freshwater prawns, mainly M. nipponense in China, exceeded 237 0001 in 2007 (Table 1.3); almost none was reported a decade earlier. The global expansion of this sector has therefore been dramatic but, as noted earlier, it has primarily been in south, southeast and east Asia. Asian production of all freshwater prawn groups was over 99% of the global total, which was nearly 459 0001 in 2007 (Table 1.4). Considering giant river prawns (M. rosenbergii) alone, the major producers in 2007 were China (56.3%), Thailand (12.5%), India (12.3%), Taiwan (4.5%) and Vietnam (3.6%). However, according to the information gleaned during the preparation of Chapter 17, Myanmar (though not yet reporting this to FAO) had an output of approximately 3000 t/yr in 2006 and 2007; if confirmed, this would locate Myanmar firmly as a substantial producer.

In summary, it is clear that freshwater prawn farming has become a major and expanding contributor to global aquaculture, both in terms of quantity (Fig. 1.4) and value (Table 1.5). Although there are some uncertainties about the production of China, as noted above, it seems clear that the annual global production of all species of freshwater prawns is now in the order of 460 000 t, with a total value of US$ 1.86 billion.

Table 1.4 Total production of all species of freshwater prawns in 2007 (t) (FAO 2009).

Bangladesh 23 240

Brazil (M. rosenbergii) 230

China (M. rosenbergii) 124 520

China (M. nipponense) 192 397

China (freshwater prawns, shrimps, 40 859 nei - Palaemonidae)

India (M. rosenbergii) 27 262

India (M. malcolmsonii) 4100

Indonesia (M. rosenbergii) 989

Iran (M. rosenbergii) 258

Malaysia (M. rosenbergii) 246

Taiwan (M. rosenbergii) 8316

Thailand (M. rosenbergii) 27 650

USA (M. rosenbergii) 200

Vietnam (freshwater crustaceans nei) 7900

Rest of the World (various species groups) 397

Global total 458 564

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