Lipid enrichment

The highest enrichment levels are obtained from emulsified concentrates (Leger et al. 1986). An overview of lipid levels obtained through enrichment is presented in Table 6.3.

In view of the importance of DHA in marine species, much effort is made to incorporate high levels of DHA and high ratios of DHA/EPA in live food. So far, the best results have been obtained with enrichment emulsions fortified in DHA (containing a DHA/EPA ratio up to 7) yielding Artemia metanauplii that contain 33 mg DHA/g DW. Compared to enrichment with traditional products, a maximum DHA/EPA ratio of 2 (instead of 0.75) can be reached under standard enrichment practices. The reason for not attaining the same ratio in Artemia, as in the enrichment products, is the inherent retroconversion of DHA to EPA upon enrichment in the most commonly used species of Artemia. The capability of some Artemia strains to reach high DHA levels during enrichment and to maintain them during subsequent starvation (Evjemo et al. 1997) offers perspectives to provide higher dietary DHA levels and DHA/EPA ratios to crustacean larvae, if required.

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