Morphology and related topics

3.2.1 External morphology Characteristics

M. rosenbergii is the largest species of the genus: the males canreachatotal length (fromtip ofrostrumtotip oftelson) of 320 mm, the females of 250 mm. The body is usually of a greenish to brownish grey, sometimes more bluish colour, and is darker in larger specimens. There are irregular brown, grey and whitish streaks, often placed somewhat longitudinally. The lateral ridge of the rostrum may show a red colour. An orange spot is present on the articulations between the abdominal somites. The antennae are often blue. The chelipeds may also be blue. All these colours are brighter in the smaller than in the very large specimens. As a typical decapod, the body is segmented with each segment bearing a pair of appendages. The head and thorax are

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