Aqucar 515 Aqucar 545

AQUCAR Water Treatment Microbiocides, available as AQUCAR 515, a 15 per cent aqueous solution of glutara1dehyde, and AQUCAR 545, a 45 per cent aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde, are especially effective in controlling slime forming bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, and algae in recirculating water cooling towers and systems. AQUCAR Water Treatment Microbiocides, which kill microorganisms by reacting with the cell wall, have many important features including:

- EPA Registration

- Effectiveness against a broad spectrum of microorganisms

- Functionality over a broad pH and temperature range

- Aqueous solution which is easily and uniformly diluted and mixed

- Non surface active; compatible with phosphate, phosphon-ate and chromate based corrosion systems

- Effectiveness against aerobic and anaerobic organisms

- Ability to clean biologically fouled systems

- Ability to be transported and store in bulk containers

EPA Status

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