50% Wettable Powder Fungicide

For contol of specified diseases on certain field, fruit, and vegetable crops.

Only for agricultural use, or for sale to, use, and storage by commercial applicators, and other servicepersons.

BAYLETON 50% Wettable Powder is a unique fungicide which has the ability to control, as well as prevent, certain important fungus diseases, including rusts, powdery mildew and black rot in wheat, barley, grapes, apples, pineapples, pears, pine seedlings, and grasses grown for seed.

BAYLETON 50% Wettable Powder is absorbed rapidly and works systemically from within the plant.

BAYLETON 50% Wettable Powder mixes readily with water to form a suspension that can be used in all conventional hand-and machine-operated sprayers.

- Provides systemic residual control

- Stops development of rust pestules on grasses grown for seed

- Has preventive and curative properties

- Can be used at very low rates

- Won't damage foliage

- Compatible with other fungicides and insecticides


Active Ingredient

1-(4-Chlorophenoxy)-3,3-dimethy1-1-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-y1)-2-butanone 50%

Inert Ingredients 50%


MOONEY CHEMICALS, INC.: M-GARD Registered Wood Preservatives: Product Name:

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