Cadmium Fungicide

Liquid Cadmium Turf Fungicide EPA Reg. No. 1001-10 Description

CADDY Liquid Cadmium Turf Fungicide is a water soluble liquid formulation used to control Dollar Spot and Copper Spot in golf course greens, tees, aprons, fairways and other quality turf applications. When used as directed CADDY will not injure turfgrass. The use of CADDY is prohibited in the States of Wisconsin and California.


Active Ingredient:

Cadmium chloride* Inert Ingredient(s): * Equivalent to 12.3% elemental


Physical Data Appearance: Specific Gravity: PH:

Solubility in Water(% By Weight): Odor:

Weight/Gal Ion: Freezing Point: % Volatile:

Colorless, clear liquid

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