Granular Mercurial Turf Fungicide for control of snow mold disease.

- Effectiveness proven under severe winter conditions.

- Spreader application - very low dust content.

- Calcined clay base - spreads uniformly, doesn't wash away.

- Economical - one application lasts a season.

- Granular formulation of CALO-CLOR - 2 lb of CALO-GRAN is equivalent to 1 oz of CALO-CLOR.

Active Ingredients:

Mercurous Chloride 1.8%

Mercuric Chloride 0.9%

(Total Mercury (as Hg)..2.2%) Inert Ingredients 97.3%

E.P.A. Registration No. 372-33AA E.P.A. Est. No. 372-PA-l

MALLINCKRODT, INC.: Turf Products(Continued):

Product Name:

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