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NUODEX, INC.: Antimicrobials(Continued):

Product Name:

QUINDEX N-10 PS Fungicide Fungicide for fibrous materials

EPA Reg. No. 3 5977-18-1100

General Description:

QUINDEX N-10 PS FUNGICIDE is a water repellent formulation of solubilized 10% copper 8-quinolinolate (1.8% copper as metal) designed for use in solvent applications to protect fibrous substrates (e.g., wood, textiles, cordage, etc.) from fungal deterioration.

It can be applied by pressure treatment, brushing, spraying, dipping or padding. QUINDEX N-10 PS FUNGICIDE conforms to the American Wood Preserver's Association Specification, P-8.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Active Ingredient

Viscosity (77F) Specific Gravity (77F) Pounds/Gal Ion Flash Point

Dark brown-green waxy semisolid

10%, copper 8-quininolate

1,260 cp

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