Gustafson Progro

Dust Seed Protectant Fungicide

Active Ingredient:


boxamide) 30%

Thiram (Tetramethylthiuram disulfide) 50%

Inert Ingredients: 20%

EPA SLN No. CA-850026 EPA SLN No. WA-840070 EPA Est. 30856-CN-l CA Reg. No. 7501-50026-AA


Active Ingredient:

Pentachloronitrobenzene 24.0%

Inert Ingredients: 76.0%

Total 100.0%

Contains 2.23 lbs. of Pentachloronitrobenzene per U.S. Gallon

Methoxychlor Technical* Inert Ingredients:

*2,2-bis (p-methoxyphenyl)—1,1,1-trichloroethane Related compounds

Product Name:


Active Ingredients:

Pentach]oronitrobenzene 17.68%

Lindane(gamma isomer of benzenehexachloride) 10.53%

Inert Ingredients: 71.79%

Total 100.00%

This product contains 1.68 This product contains 1.00

lbs. of PCNB per gallon lbs. of Lindane per gallon

GUSTAFSON TERRA-COAT L-21N Seed Treatment Fungicide with Dye

Active Ingredients:

Pentach]oronitrobenzene 22.6%

5-Ethoxy-3-(trichloromethyl)-1,2,4-thiadazole* 11.3%

Inert Ingredients: 66.1%

* U.S. Patents 3,260,588, 3,260,725 and others Contains 2 lbs. of Pentachloronitrobenzene and 1 lb. of 5-Ethoxy-3-(trich1oromethyl)-1,2,4-thiadazole per U.S. gallon at 68F(20C)

GUSTAFSON TERRA-COAT L-205N Seed Treatment Fungicide with Dye

Active Ingredients:

Pentachloronitrobenzene 23.1%

5-Ethoxy-3-(trichlormethyl)-1,2,4-thiadiazole* 5.8%

Inert Ingredients: 71.1%

Total 100.0%

*U.S. Patents 3,260,588, 3,260,725 and others. Contains 2 lbs. of Pentachloronitrobenzene and 0.5 lb. of 5-Ethoxy-3-(trichloro-methyl)-1,2,4-thiadiazole per U.S. gal Ion at 68F(20C) .

EPA Reg. No. 7501-57 EPA Est. 39578-TX-l

GUSTAFSON, INC.: Grain and Seed Treating Chemicals(Continued): Product Name:

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