10.3 lb/gallon Noncorrosive

NUODEX, INC.: Antimicrobials(Continued): Product Name: NUOCIDE 960

Fungicide for Manufacturing Use to Control Mildew on Paint Film

EPA Registration No. 50534-114-1100

General Description

NUOCIDE 960 is a broad-spectrum microbicide for the control of fungi. Its high degree of activity provides excellent performance characteristics for use as a mildewcide in:

1. Latex exterior and interior emulsion paints. For exterior paints, use 5-10 pounds per 100 gallons. For interior paints, use 2.5-5 pounds per 100 gallons.

2. Solvent-based paints at levels of 5-12 pounds per 100 gal Ions.

NUOCIDE 960 has several desirable properties which are important in manufacturing mildew-resistant paint:

1. Extremely low water solubility

2. Low vapor pressure

3. Fine particle size

4. Excellent pH stability

Typical Properties

Physical Form

Active Ingredient:

Tetrachloroisophthalonitrile Odor

Empirical Formula Molecular Weight Melting Range Boiling Point Specific Gravity (Water=l) Bulking Factor, gal/lb

3-5 micron micromilled gray powder

Pure-odorless; Technicalslight pungent odor C8C14N2 265.9 250-251C

350C at 760 mm Hg 1.8

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