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* U.S. Patents 3,290,353 and 3,331,735 EPA Reg. No. 5 0 5 3 4-114-2204


Product Name:


Fungicide and Marine Antifoulant

NOPCOCIDE N-96-S is a broad spectrum fungicide and marine antifouling agent. It can be used by the protective coatings industry in manufacturing mildew resistant paints and stains and in manufacturing antifouling marine coatings.

Technical Data

Composition Tetrachloroisophthalonitrile

Active content, % 96

Physical state 3-5 micron micromilled powder


Major applications in protective coatings are:

- Control mould growth on aqueous or solvent based exterior paints.

- Control mould growth on aqueous or solvent based stains.

- Prevent fungal growth on masonry paints.

- Prevent fouling of marine coatings by algae, barnacles, tubeworms, mussels, hydroids, tunicates and bryozoans.

NOPCOCIDE N-96-S has several desirable properties for use in these applications:

- Low order of toxicity.

- Hydrolytic stability.

- Extremely low water solubility for better control of leaching rates.

- Low vapour pressure.

- Fine particle size allowing higher loading than with 1 iquids.

- pH stability.

- Stable to UV radiation.

EPA Registration No. 50534-117-2204

DOW CHEMICAL U.S.A.: DBNPA 2,2-Dibromo-3-Nitrilopropionamide:

Broad Spectrum, Low Persistency Biocide

The DBNPA family of antimicrobials is formulated with a unique, brominated chemical developed by The Dow Chemical Company to provide: (1) broad spectrum control of bacteria, yeast, fungi, slime, and algae at low treatment levels; and (2) rapid decomposition in aquatic environments.

Two biocides are currently available: DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536. They are 20% and 5% active formulations (respectively) of 2,2-dibromo-3-nitri1opropionamide (DBNPA). These industrial antimicrobials are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for specific end-uses.

Both DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a slimicide in the manufacture of paper and paperboard intended to contact food.

The 7287 and 8536 products also are authorized for use under the United States Department of Agriculture meat, poultry, rabbit, and egg products inspection programs.

DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536

For control of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in paper mills, metalworking fluids containing water, and in enhanced oil recovery systems; for control of bacteria, fungi and algae in industrial recirculating water cooling towers and once-through fresh and sea water industrial cooling water systems; for control of slime forming bacteria and fungi in air washer systems.

The active ingredient (DBNPA) in both formulations has been tested extensively in field installations and is generally compatible with paper mill and cooling water systems, commonly used metal-working fluids, and enhanced oil recovery systems.

DOW Antimicrobial 7287: EPA Reg. No. 464-426 DOW Antimicrobial 8536: EPA Reg. No. 464-496

DOW CHEMICAL U.S.A.: DOWICIDE 1 Antimicrobial: General

DOWICIDE 1 Antimicrobial is readily soluble in most organic solvents and oils, and is only slightly soluble in water.. Usually it is added to formulation concentrates which are subsequently diluted with water during use. DOWICIDE 1 antimicrobial can be formulated with the aid of anionic emulsifiers as well. However, it is usually incompatible with most other types of surfactants and emulsifiers.

DOWICIDE 1 Antimicrobial is Dow's designation for o-phenyl-phenol.

Physical Properties

Molecular weight 170.2

Freezing point, C 57

Boiling point, C 286

Specific Gravity, 25/25C 1.2

Bulk density, lb/cu ft 35-41

Sales Specifications

Description White or light buff to pink free-

flowing flakes

Active ingredient, o-phenylphenol 99%

Inert ingredients 1%

E.P.A. Registration No. 464-70

Listed in the "USDA Compilation of Registered Uses of Fungicides and Nematocides" Meets the requirements of the F.D.A.


Genera 1

DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial is readily soluble in water and in many polar organic solvents. It is usually incorporated directly into the product being preserved as a water or solvent concentrate, or as the flake material.

DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial is Dow's brand of sodium salt of o-phenylphenol.

Physical Properties

Molecular weight 264.3

Specific gravity, 25/25C 1.3

pH of saturated water solution, 25C 12.0-13.5

Bulk density, Ib/cu ft 38-43

Sales Specifications

Description White or light buff to pink, free-

flowing flakes and fines

Active Ingredient:

Sodium-o-phenylphenate tetrahydrate 97%

Inert Ingredients 3%

Status of DOWICIDE A under Federal Laws

E.P.A. Registration No. 464-78

Listed in the the "USDA Compilation of Registered Uses of

Fungicides and Nematocides" DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial meets the requirements of the Food Additive Regulations administered by the Food and Drug Administration.

Highly reliable, cost-effective antimicrobial protection for water-based formulations

DOWICIL 75 Preservative offers an excellent combination of properties for preserving aqueous solutions

DOWICIL 75 Preservative is the designation for l-(3-chloro-allyl)-3,5 , 7-triaza-l-azoniaadamantane chloride combined with a stabilizer (sodium bicarbonate). It is designed to provide highly effective anti-microbial activity in aqueous formulations, including adhesives, paints, construction materials, latexes, and detergents, to name just a few.

- Effective at low concentrations

DOWICIL 75 provides highly effective antimicrobial activity at low concentrations—typically 0.01 to 0.27% by weight in formulations.

- Broad-spectrum activity

A formulation preserved with DOWICIL 75 is protected against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi.

- Excellent formulation compatibility

DOWICIL 75 has been shown to be compatible with many formulation systems.

- Cost-effective

Because it provides highly effective antimicrobial activity at low concentrations, DOWICIL 75 is one of the most cost-effective aqueous- system preservatives available.

- High water solubility

Because spoilage microorganisms must have water for metabolic processes, they will thrive only in the aqueous phase of a formulation. DOWICIL 75 Preservative is highly soluble in water.

- Wide pH latitude

Most microorganisms require an environment with a pH between 5 and 9. The anti-microbial activity of DOWICIL 75 has been demonstrated in formulations with a pH ranging from 2 to 12.5.

The E.P.A. registration number of DOWICIL 75 Preservative is 464-403.

DUPONT: Agricultural Products: Product Name:

BENLATE Fungicide Wettable Powder

Active Ingredient:

Benomyl [Methyl I-(butylcarbamoy1)-2-benzimidazolecarb-

amate] 50%

Inert Ingredients: 50%

U.S. Pats. 3,541,213 & 3,631,176 EPA Reg. No. 352-354

BENLATE PNW Fungicide Wettable Powder

Active Ingredient:

Benomyl [Methyl I-(butylcarbamoyl)-2-benzimidazolecarb-

amate] 50%

Inert Ingredients: 50%

U.S. Pats. 3,541,213 & 3,631,176 EPA Reg. No. 352-434

MANZATE 200 Fungicide Wettable Powder

Active Ingredient:

A coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylene bisdithiocarbamate 80%

in which the ingredients are

Manganese++ 16%

Ethylene bisdithiocarbamate ion (C4H6N2S4)+ 62%

Inert Ingredients 20%

EPA Reg. No. 352-341

DUPONT: Agricultural Products(Continued): Product Name:

MANZATE 200 Flowable Fungicide Liquid Suspension

Contains 4.0 Lbs. Active Per Gallon

Active Ingredient:

A coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylenebisdithiocarbamate 37.0%

in which the ingredients are Manganese++ 7.4%

Ethylenebisdithiocarbamate ion (C4H6N2S4) 28.7%

Inert Ingredients 63.0%

TERSAN 1991 Fungicide Wettable Powder

Active Ingredient:

Benomyl (Methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)-2-benziinidazole-

carbamate] 50%

Inert Ingredients 50%

U.S. Pats 3,541,213 & 3,631,716 EPA Reg. No. 352-357

TERSAN LSR Fungicide Wettable Powder

Active Ingredient:

A coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylene bisdithiocarbamate 80% in which the ingredients are

Manganese++ 16%

Ethylene bisdithiocarbamate ion (C4H6N2S4)+ 62%

Inert Ingredients 20%


Classification: A solvent soluble mildew and rotproofing agent containing 2,2'-methy1ene-bis (4-chlorophenol) (G-4).

Propert ies: Appearance Solubility

Active Content Density

- Tan waxy solid

- 10% solution in aliphatic solvents to form a slightly hazy solution

General Comments:

ECCO MP-170-CONC is a solvent soluble mildewproofing agent containing 16.3% G-4 together with added wax components which contribute substantially to water repellency and improved dynamic water absorption properties.

The solvent normally used to prepare these solutions is aliphatic in nature such as (Amsco 46, Varsol #2, or Mineral Spirits). The concentration of application bath will vary with the percent wet pick-up and the requirements for G-4 content on the finished fabric.

EPA Reg #6009-3 EPA Est #6009-RI

Active Ingredient:

2,2-Methy1enebis (4-Chlorophenol) 16.3%

Inert Ingredient: 83.7%

Total 100.0%

Classification: Aqueous sodium salt of 2,21-methylenebis-(4-chlorophenol), solution.


Appearance - clear, deep ruby colored liquid pH (5% sol'n) - 9.5+-0.5

Active Content - 35% G-4 as sodium salt

Solubility - readily soluble in water

Density - 9.3 lbs/gallon

General Comments:

ECCO MP-400 is a water soluble, sodium salt of 2,2'-methyl-enebis (4-chlorophenol) more commonly identified as G-4.

This product will provide good mildew-proofing protection when applied from a padding solution.

EPA Reg #6009-6 EPA Est #6009-RI

Active Ingredient:

2,2-Methylenebis (4-Chlorophenol), Sodium Salt 35.1%

Inert Ingredient: 64.9%

Total 100.0%


Classification: A mildew and rotproofing emulsion containing 2,21-methylenebis (4-chlorophenol).

Propert ies:

Appearance - Slightly viscous stable white emulsion pH (2% solution)- 5.5+-0.3

Active Content - 20% minimum (chlorinated phenyl methane) Solubility - Readily soluble in water at 100-120F.

Stability - Stable under normal conditions. Must be protected from freezing. Density - 8.50 lbs/gallon

General Comments:

ECCO MP-2004 is a newly developed mildewproof emulsion designed to be compatible with a variety of water repellents for a single bath treatment of textiles.

The 2,21-methy1enebis (4-chlorophenol) active material is a well established and accepted fungicide for this type of application and is required in a great many U.S. government and foreign government specifications for treating military textiles.

Active Ingredient:

2,2-Methylenebis (4-Chlorophenol) 20.0%

Inert Ingredient: 80.0%

Total 100.0%


Classification: Solvent soluble copper-8-hydroxy-quinoline with water repellent waxes.

Properties : Appearance Solubility

% Copper Wax Content

Dark-brownish green waxy paste Completely soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents to give a clear dark green solution. 1.80% Minimum 35.0% Minimum

General Comments:

ECCOCIDE CW CONC is a solvent soluble copper-8-hydroxy-quinoline material, compounded with water repellent materials. The active concentrations are such as to provide the necessary mildew-proofing protection and resistance to water absorption as required in various military specifications as well as nonmilitary applications.

Solutions of ECCOCIDE CW CONC can be readily prepared for padding with aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.

Active Ingredient:

Copper-8-Quinolinolate 10.0%

Inert Ingredient: 90.0%

Total 100.0%


Active Ingredient:

Triforine (N, N1 -[1,4-piperazinediy1-bis-(2,2,2-trich]oro-ethy1idene)]-bis-[formamide]) 18.2%

Inert Ingredients: 81.8%

This product contains 1.6 lb. of Triforine per gallon.

Great Lakes Chemical Corp. 109

BROMICIDE, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation's registered trademark for bromochlorodimethylhydantoin, effectively controls undesirable growth of biofouling organisms in water. The broad selection of BROMICIDE product forms and feed equipment produces a powerful chemical tool for optimal maintenance of industrial water systems.

Use of bromochlorodimethylhydantoin is a time proven technology for disinfection of recreational waters such as swimming pools and spa water. Recently, BROMICIDE has proven successful in many diverse industrial water treatment applications.

Appl ications

BROMICIDE is registered for use in the following applications by the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

- Commercial and industrial recirculating cooling towers

- Once-through cooling systems

- Air washers equipped with mist eliminators

- Brewery pasteurizers

- Influent water systems

- Ponds and lagoons

- Industrial water scrubbing systems

GRIFFIN CORP.: Fungicides:

Product Name:

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