Broad-spectrum turf fungicide for control of brown patch, dollar spot, copper spot, red thread, Helminthosporiium and Curvularia leaf spot.

- Extended record of effectiveness as a preventive and curative contact fungicide.

- Combination of fungicidal and non-fungicidal ingredients valuable in maintaining healthy vigorous turf.

- Temporary colorant added as a guide for uniform application.

- Long history of safe use on fine turf even under conditions of high temperature and extreme humidity.

Active Ingredients

Cadmium Sebacate 5%

Potassium Chromate 5%

Thiram (Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide) 16%

Inert Ingredients 74%

Urea - Ferrous Sulfate - Wetting Agent

EPA Registration No. 372-24 EPA Est No. 44946-MO-l

MALLINCKRODT, INC.: Turf Products(Continued):

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