Mgard Si50

Latest technological developments have yielded a full line of Registered M-GARD products designed to replace pentachloro-phenol and creosote for various wood preservative applications.

Benefits of M-GARD W110 and M-GARD W150

- Safety

Registered with the EPA for both formulating and end use applications.

- Versatility

Can treat green (wet) wood as well as dry wood. Controls both fungi and termites.

- Cost/Effectiveness

Brush, spray, dip or pressure. Will accept stain, varnish, paint. Soap and water clean-up.

- Proven Performance

True penetrating wood preservatives that greatly extend the useful life of the wood.

- Labels rfooney can assist you in obtaining registrations for end use and full regulatory compliance.

Colorless Liquid Wood Preservative

A new water reducible system developed to deliver an environmentally safe, historically-proven preservative for green or dry wood.

- Non-Toxic

- Non-Leaching

- Non-Corrosive

- Cost/Effeetive

- Controls Fungi and Insects

- Treats Green or Dry Wood

- Diffuses into the Wood

- Accepts Paint and Varnish

History of M-GARD W550 Wood Preservative

For many years, zinc naphthenate has been used as a wood preservative. Underground stake tests initiated by the USDA Forest Products Laboratory back in 1941 illustrated zinc naphthenate1s outstanding performance as such.

Since Mooney Chemicals has had long experience (since 1946) in the manufacture and marketing of solvent-based zinc naphthenate, it undertook the development of a water-borne preservative employing the same high-performing, low-toxicity primary active ingredient. The water-emulsion concentrate, M-GARD W550, was developed as a result, and is rapidly becoming a preferred product for the preservation of log homes and all other above-ground wood treatments. The U.S. Army has recently rewritten their Military Specifications for ammunition boxes and pallets calling for M-GARD W550 to replace pentach1orophenol effective October 1, 1984!

EPA Reg. No. 9630-10


A Safe, Long-Term Wood Preservative to Answer Today's Environmental Concerns. Minimizes hazardous waste disposal and regulatory compliance problems.

What is It?

M-GARD S520 is an oil-soluble, copper naphthenate-based wood preservative that can be employed with a high degree of safety. It substantially reduces the problems of environmental liability through a unique technique of copper naphthenate chemistry and application. It provides an ideal fungicide and insecticide for the long-term preservation of wood in contact with the ground.

Why Mooney M-GARD S520 is the Ultimate Solution

1. Commercially available and registered with EPA (#9330-12).

2. Minimizes environmental health risks because it contains no pentach1orophenol, other chlorinated phenols, mercury, creosote, chrome or arsenic. Can be used with a high degree of safety around people, farm animals, wildlife and plants. It is also non-blooming.

3. Permanent protection. Fixation in the wood holds the active ingredient and provides a service life of at least 35 years, depending on the wood species, treating methods, service conditions and maintenance programs.,

- Preserves wood by controlling wood destroying fungi and insects.

- Repel Is water which reduces the decaying process.

4. Easy to apply, with no licensed applicator needed.

- Treating choices: pressure, dip, spray or brush. Non s1udging.

5. Lower installation and maintenance costs.

- Clean, non-corrosive, non-conductive

6. A color range of the treated wood from chocolate to dark green is possible, depending on the treating process.

7. Lower overall costs--The combination of permanent protection and the net effect of minimizing hazardous waste disposal cleanup, regulatory compliance and insurance provides the ultimate solution for wood preservation.

Copper and zinc naphthenate based products can be safely used as fungicidal treatments for woods, canvas, jute, cork, burlap, cotton, hemp, etc. They offer outstanding resistance to cellulose rotting fungi, termites and wood-boring insects adding years of service to these items.

Product Name:

8% COPPER NAP-ALL EPA Reg. No. 9630-5

6% COPPER NAP-ALL EPA Reg. No. 9630-4

Copper Naphthenate has long been known to be one of the most effective preservative treatments for textiles and wood. COPPER NAP-ALL comes in concentrated form, either a 6% or 8% copper metal in solution. This concentrate is normally diluted with a volatile solvent, such as mineral spirits, to a 2% Copper solution. Application can be made by dipping, spraying, brushing or pressure treating.

While Zinc Naphthenate is slightly less efficient than Copper Naphthenate as a textile or wood fungicide, since it is colorless, this factor makes it the logical choice for many applications. Like COPPER NAP-ALL, ZINC NAP-ALL comes to you in a concentrated solution containing 8% Zinc as metal. Application can be made by dipping, spraying, brushing or pressure treating.


Product Name : CUNILATE 2419

Fungistatic Treatment for Paperboard, Kraft Paper and Industrial Textile Applications

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