To the best of our knowledge the information in this publication is accurate; however the Publisher does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of, or consequences arising from, such information. This industrial guide does not purport to contain detailed user instructions, and by its range and scope could not possibly do so. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use by the Publisher.

Fungicide, biocide and preservative raw materials can be toxic, and therefore due caution should always be exercised in the use of these hazardous materials. Final determination of the suitability of any information or product for use contemplated by any user, and the manner of that use, is the sole responsibility of the user. We strongly recommend that users seek and adhere to a manufacturer's or supplier's current instructions for handling each material they use.

The author and Publisher have used their best efforts to include only fungicides approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, prior to use of a specific fungicide, readers are cautioned to verify current approval status.

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