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Flash Point Vapor pressure

Mercury, 18.0% 1.30-1.32 10.8-11.0 4 (Gardner) 66 cps/100 rpm, #2 spindle 7.5-8.5 >240F Closed cup 3mm Hg/25C.

Product: COSAN PMA-100 is dry phenyl mercuric acetate of uniform high quality containing 59.6% mercury, expressed as metal. It is compatible with styrene-butadiene, acrylic, vinyl-acrylic, polyvinyl acetate, oil and alkyd modified latex paints. COSAN PMA-100 will not adversely affect: pigment dispersion, color acceptance, color retention, gloss, or freeze-thaw stability. COSAN PMA-100 has a uniformly small particle size and may be used in semi-gloss and gloss latex paints without affecting the film's glass like appearance.

Need: In the preparation and handling of emulsion systems, three basic microbiologica1 problems may exist:

1. Viscosity loss in the finished system as a result of inadequately protected raw materials or intermediates. Dispersed colors, latices, dispersants, thickening solutions and the like are all susceptible.

2. Package stability of liquid systems. Unprotected or inadequately protected aqueous systems are highly susceptible to attack by bacteria and/or fungi. The presence of these microorganisms for even a short time may result in viscosity loss, emulsiof^break, gas formation, putrefaction, excessive settling, etc.

3. Mildew susceptibility of the dry film. In geographic areas other than desert, adequate moisture is usually available to support fungal (mildew) growth. Unsightly discoloration, premature or excessive chalking and the like can result.

Adequate protection - of finished product and of the susceptible raw materials in all stages of production is absolutely essent ial.


Active Ingredient

% Active Mercury Content: Calculated Typical

Appearance Melting Point Bulking value Particle Size

Phenylmercuric Acetate 100% 59.6% 59.5-60.0% Free-flowing white powder 149C(Typical) 0.05 gal/lb. 95% <75 microns


Product: Chemically COSAN PMO-30 is a 30% solution of phenyl-mercuric oleate, which has the longest history of successful antimicrobial performance in the coatings industry. COSAN PMO-30 is manufactured to strict specifications, to assure optimum mildew-resistance/preservative characteristics.

COSAN PMO-30 can only be used in latex paints and other water emulsion compositions. COSAN PMO-30 is compatible with latex systems and will not adversely effect freeze-thaw stability, or tints.

Use: The innate mildew resistance of different paint formulations varies widely. A generally satisfactory level is approximately 5 pounds COSAN PMO-30 per 100 gallons finished formula. Higher or lower levels may be indicated on the basis of formulation and/or end use.

Specif ications :

Phenyl mercuric oleate minimum 30%

Metal content, minimum 11.0%

Specific gravity 0.910-0.940

Pounds per gallon 7.58-7.83 Flash point minimum(Tag Closed Cup-

Maximum Viscosity A2 (Gardner)

Product: A non-metallic, organic chemical, COSAN S is a highly effective anti-microbial preservative for water systems including adhesives, dispersed colors, protein colloids, and resin emulsions.

Usually stable in high pH ranges, pH 8.0 and above, COSAN S will ordinarily provide protection against recontamination. Since the stability of COSAN S decreases as the pH declines, durability of protection against recontamination will not extend more than 3 to 6 months in formulations at pH 6 or below.

Use: For package stability of water-containing materials, it is recommended that a concentration of 0.1% of the total weight of the formulation of COSAN S be used. Some formulations may require up to 0.25% by weight.

COSAN S has a slight, distinctive odor, which is not usually detectable in products containing recommended levels.

Where to Use: Since all systems based on water are potentially subject to microbial attack, it is important that COSAN S be blended in at the time water is first introduced into the batch. If cooking or extended periods at elevated temperatures are used, the addition of COSAN S should be delayed until the temperature is at practical minimum.

Active Ingredient, minimum, (3,5-dimethy1tetrahydro 1,3,5,2H-

thiadiazine-2 thione) 95%

Pounds per gallon (net) 11.6

Appearance white crystalline powder

Melting Point 99.5C

Flash Point (open cup) 280F


Product: COTIN 234 is a formulated solution of a triorganotin salt which has a high degree of antifungal activity. COTIN 234 exhibits mildew resistance/preservative activity in a great variety of materials and formulations and due to its unique formulation offers excellent compatibility in latex and other water emulsion formulations.

COTIN 2 34 can be used where mercury containing preservatives have been omitted either due to the general toxicological picture, or for elimination of sulfide staining characteristics .


Tributyltin salicylate

Specific gravity Pounds per gallon Flash point minimum (COC) Maximum color Maximum viscosity

1.09-1.10 9.07-9.16 204C(4 OOF) 3 (Gardner) 47 cp @ 20C

COSAN CHEMICAL CORPORATION: COTIN 300: E.P.A. Reg. No. 2749-119-8489

Product: COTIN 300 is a colorless to light yellow liquid which is highly effective against gram positive bacteria and fungi. Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity may be achieved by combination with quaternary ammonium compounds, organo-mercurials, etc.

Applications: COTIN 300 is recommended for use in:

- Marine antifouling paints

- As a fungicide in emulsion paints

- For use in cooling towers

- In secondary oil recovery

- As a textile sanitizer

- In adhesive preservation

- In marine and terrestial wood preservation

- Other applications where antimicrobial activity is required

Specif ications:

Bis (tributyltin) oxide 97.4% minimum

Tin content 39-40%

Physical form colorless to light yellow liquid

Specific gravity 1.17



- Powdery Mildew and Rust on Roses

- Powdery Mildew on Certain Other Ornamentals

Active Ingredients:

Cycloheximide 0.027% w/w


Inert Ingredients: 99.973% w/w

Total 100.000% w/w

Sales Points

- Prevents and eradicates Powdery Mildew on roses and other ornamentals.

- Broadspectrum fungicide.

- Wettable powder.

- No visible residue.

- Compatible with other insecticides.

- Low dilution rates.

- Built in spreader sticker.

- Safe to beneficial bacteria.

- No known resistance buildup.

- Kills fungus on contact.

For control of certain fungal diseases of ornamentals, roses (Powdery Mildew and Black Spot), fruits, vegetables and lawn grasses.

Active Ingredients: % by Wt.:

Benomyl (Methyl 1-(butylcarbomoyl)-2-benzimidazolecar-bamate) 50%

Inert Ingredients: 50%

Total: 100%

Sales Points

- Can be used on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, flowers, roses and lawns.

- Systemic action won't wash off.

- Controls and prevents mildew and fungus caused by overwatering .

- Controls Powdery Mildew and Black Spot on roses.


Disease control use on:

- Fruits

- Vegetables

- Trees

- Shrubs

- Evergreens

Active Ingredient: By Weight

Copper, expressed as metallic copper 12.75%

Inert Ingredients: 87.25%

Total: 100.00%

Sales Points

- A complete Bordeaux mix.

- Use on fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals

- Controls Anthracnose, Black Rot, Leaf Spot, Early a Late Blight, Downey Mildew.

- Contains copper-lime coomplex.

Controls many plant disease fungi on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and turf.

Active Ingredient

Maneb [Manganese ethylene bisdithiocarbamate]

[Manganese equivalent as metallic 16.5%] 80.0%

Inert Ingredients 20.0%

Total 100.0%

Sales Points

- Controls Blight, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot

- Excellent for disease on tomatoes, vegetables and fruits.

- New moisture proof plastic container.

- 80% wettable powder.


Prevents and Controls Dollarspot, Brown Patch, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Snow Mold, and Other Fungus Diseases on Major Turf Grasses

Active Ingredients:

Cycloheximide 0.75% w/w (3-[2-(3,5-dimethy1-2-oxocyclohexy1)-2-hydroxyethy1]-glutarimide)

Thiram (tetramethylthiuram disulfide) 75.00% w/w

Inert Ingredients: 24.25% w/w

Total 100.00% w/w

Sales Points

- Broadspectrum fungicide: controls nine (9) major turfgrass di seases.

- Low dosage rates.

- Wettable powder.

- Controls and prevents disease.

- Product compatibility.

Controls diseases on vegetables, fruits and ornamentals.

Active Ingredient

ZINEB (zinc ethylene bisdithiocarbamate) (Metallic zinc equivalent 17.7%) Inert Ingredients


Sales Points

- Recommemded by many State Agricultural Services.

- Controls Anthracnose, Early and Late Blight, Downey Mildew, Rust and certain other diseases.

- Use on Vegetables - Beans, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Peppers, Lettuce and others.

- Use on Fruits and Nuts - Apples, Citrus, Pecans, Peaches and others.

- Use on Lawns, Ornamentals, Trees, Roses and Flowers.


Fungicide for Mildew Control on Paint Film

NOPCOCIDE N-40-D is a broad-spectrum fungicide for control of mildew on paint film. The flowable form of NOPCOCIDE N-96 provides excellent performance characteristics when used as a mildewcide in aqueous paint systems only.

Typical Properties Appearance Active content, % Active Ingredient Molecular Weight

Viscous, gray liquid 40.4

Tetrachloroisophthalonitrile* 265.9

* U.S. Patents 3,290,353; 3,331,735 and 3,948,636 EPA Reg. No. 50534-115-2204


Fungicide for Manufacturing Use to Control Mildew on Paint Film

NOPCOCIDE N-96 is a broad spectrum microbiocide for control of fungi. Its high degree of activity provides excellent performance characteristics for use as a mildewcide inβ€”

- latex exterior and interior emulsion paints.

- solvent-based paints at levels of 5-12 pounds per 100 ga1 Ions.

NOPCOCIDE N-96 has several desirable properties which are important in manufacturing fungus resistant paint:

- extremely low water solubility

- low vapor pressure

- fine particle size

- excellent pH stability

Typical Properties Chemica1

Active Content, % Molecular Weight

Tetrachloroisophthalonitrile* 96

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