Typical Properties

Active Ingredients:

Di(phenylmercury) didenyl succinate 21%

Mercury Metal Content, minimum: 10.0%

Specific Gravity: 0.925-0.947

Viscosity (Gardner): A-2

Non-volatile: 23% Max.

Solubilty: Dissolves in hydrocarbon solvents


EPA Registration No. 5383-63 PRODUCT:

TROYSAN POLYPHASE AF1 is a broad spectrum, liquid, non-metallic fungicide which is effective against a wide variety of fungal organisms. It may be used to protect both interior or exterior coatings from the growth of fungal organisms on the film surface. It may also be used as a fungicide in cutting oils, textiles, paper coatings, inks, plastics, adhesives, and canvas and cordage. It is also recommended as a wood preservative .

Paints and Stains Plastics Cutting Oils Wood

Sapstain Control Mill work Textiles Paper Coatings Canvas and Cordage Inks

Adhes ives

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