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This ebook comes to you from David S. Wolfe, engineer and owner of the, and this book shows you all about the best gasoline engine that was ever build, the specs on it, and how to build one of your own. You will also get the blueprints to this unique kind of engine, so that you can build a perfect version of it yourself. This engine has a 50:1 air-to-fuel ratio, and runs with more horsepower and torque than any other engine in history. The oil never has to be changed, and the engine runs extremely quietly. This engine also uses what is known as the Bourke Cycle, which allows the engine to use air and fuel at a far more efficient rate than any other engine in history. You will learn to build this engine yourself, with a complete guide and blueprints.

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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Gasoline Engine And Countershaft

Engine Photos Where Use Countershaft

If a gasoline engine and grinder are mounted on the same bench, the vibration is so great as to make grinding very difficult, and it is, therefore, not recommended. The gasoline engine should be mounted on a concrete base separate from the grinder. It may-then be belted directly to the grinder, as shown in Figure 4. However, it is more satisfactory to use a countershaft, as shown in Figure 5. If it is belted directly to the engine, an 11- or 12-in. FIG. 6. ARRANGEMENT OF GRINDER, GASOLINE ENGINE, AND COUNTERSHAFT FIG. 6. ARRANGEMENT OF GRINDER, GASOLINE ENGINE, AND COUNTERSHAFT

Mechanical Efficiency

Mechanical efficiency has to do with how well machines convert energy from one form to another. For example, an internal combustion engine converts the chemical energy in fuel into power. Internal combustion engines are not 100 efficient because all the energy in fuel is not converted power (the majority of the heat produced escapes through the radiator and out the exhaust). A typical gasoline engine is about 22 efficient a diesel engine is 30 to 33 . An electric motor converts electrical energy into power with an efficiency of 95 to 98 . The efficiency of mechanical power trains and other mechanical devices can be determined if accurate numbers for the power in and power out can be determined.

Attachments for a chain saw

The Stihl 08's, a 14-pound unit driven by a single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline engine, is capable of running a cut-off saw, a brush cutter, and one- and two-man earth augers. On many models, power heads can drive hedge trimmers, lumber-making attachments, milts, and drills.

International Sources Of Power Threshers


A typical Japanese thresher, simitar to the treadle designs. This one is powered by a gasoline engine for a higher production capacity. Agriculture Canada A typical Japanese thresher, simitar to the treadle designs. This one is powered by a gasoline engine for a higher production capacity. Agriculture Canada This is a lightweight, portable, and economical thresher suitable for small-scale rice and wheat growers. The all-metal construction unit is equipped with a 1.5 h.p. gasoline engine. It delivers unbroken grain at a capacity of 180 kilograms per hour. This is a 3 h.p., gasoline engine tLresher adapted from a treadle unit. It measures 55 by 120 by 68 centimeters and weighs 69 kilograms.

Sources of tractordrawn drill seeders

Cole 250 Fertilizer Hopper

The Hassia Model PS is a small plot drill with four, five, seven, or nine hoe-type openers, A fluted wheel meters the seed from either a single or a number of individual hoppers to isolate the runs. It is particularly designed for the precise nature of research work. The drill can be supplied with a tractor hitch, can be animal-drawn, or propelled by a 2i 2 h.p. gasoline engine. The centrifugal clutch on the motorized model enables the operator to set the Hassia PS Plot Drill with gasoline engine Front view Rear view H. J. Trostcr Hassia PS Plot Drill with gasoline engine Front view Rear view H. J. Trostcr

North American Sources Of Power Threshers

Vogel Thresher

This thresher is built with a coil spring axle for towing behind a vehicle. It is fully adjustable for small seeds and grains, including soybeans, and has 14-inch diameter cylinders, with eight rasp bars per cylinder. Two fans are used to assist in complete separation. It is powered by a 7.5 h.p. gasoline engine with a hand clutch, fully guarded for safe operation. same machine. It has a self-cleaning metering wheel, removable seed catch pan with recleaning screens, and an air blower. Its heavy-gauge metal housing is mounted on a channel iron frame with rubber-tired wheels and hand truck handles for easy handling. The thresher is approximately 34 inches long, 25 inches wide and 40 inches high. Weight 190 pounds. Supplied with electric motor or gasoline engine. Vogel plot threshers are one of the most popular makes because they self-clean completely in 8 seconds. The 20-inch-wide cylinder is the overshot type with spiked teeth or optionally equipped with rubber rub bars. The cylinder...

International sources of mowers

Moty Gigant

The Bucher M6O0 walking mower has a 10 hp., gasoline engine and a three-speed and reverse gearbox, it can be supplied with a wimtrowmg attachment, trailer, and extra-wide wheels for stability on slopes. Other models are also available. The Swiss AEBI two-wheel mower has a four-stroke, 10 h.p. gasoline engine with two forward and one reverse speed. It is specially Powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke, 5 h.p. gasoline engine, the Agria 300 has a fingerless, 1,20-meter-wide cutter bar, adjustable handlebars, and one forward ant' reserve gear. Iron traction rings are available as wheel extensions for stability on steep slopes. A snowplow attachment is available also. Weight 105 kilograms.

Sources Of Roller Mills

Pto Driven Roller Mill

Two heavy-duty rollers 6 inches long, 9 inches in diameter) run on self-aligning ball bearings. This mill allows crimping or crushing of hard grain shells and makes feed more palatable than grain which is finely ground. It has a large 19 by 23i rinch, 16-gauge steel hopper. The hopper height, 32 inches, facilitates loading. The mill is furnished with a motor mount bolted to a stand and a 16-inch V-belt pulley. The overall measurement is 22 by 34 by 32 inches high. Requiring a 214-inch motor pulley, this mill operates with a 4 h.p. gasoline engine or a ly2 h.p. electric motor for a capacity of 15 bushels of oats, 50 bushels of cracked corn, or 35 bushels of wheat per hour.

North american sources of combine harvesters

Plot Combine

Available for about half the price of the smallest popular farm combines in the United States, the K.E M. Research Plot Combine has a large-capacity cylinder and a wide range of speeds making it possible to harvest a wide variety of crops. This self-propelled unit employs a 17.5 h.p. gasoline engine and a hydrostatic ground drive with infinite speeds forward or reverse plots of small grains, corn, and soybeans, is self-propelled by a 37 h.p. gasoline engine. Its hydraulic system powers the forward and reverse drives, the variable speed thresher, the lift on the header assembly, and reel and drive on the variable-speed reel. It has an underslung, self-cleaning, adjustable, concave rasp bar. The 51 i 2-inch sickle bar cutter is accompanied by headers for small grains and corn which have bean saver snouts for soybean harvesting. It weighs 5,000 pounds, is 17 feet 6 inches long and 7 feet wide.

The Axial Flow Threshe1

Drummy Type Threshing Machine

The thresher tan be powered by a seven to ten horsepower, air-cooled, gasoline engine. Power is transmitted through a series of V-belts to the five major components the threshing cylinder, delivery auger, centrifugal blower, rotary screen, and aspirator fan. The threshing mechanism consists of a peg-tooth cylinder which rotates inside a full-circle cylindrical concave in two sections. The upper concave has spiral deflectors which move the threshing material axially between the threshing drum and the concaves.

International Sources Of Rearmounted Tillers

How Plow Headlands

A 7 h.p., two-stroke engine supplies power through one front wheel to drive this tiller. Hooded tillers are available in nine different working widths, and depth is adjustable. It is particularly suited for closely spaced rows. Three-speed tooth wheel gearing is shifted from the handlebar. Its weight is 80 pounds, and provisions are available for adding front weight. Attachments include a ridger, a leaf protector, and a cultivator. Two types of engines are available a water-cooled diese with 6 or 7 h.p. or an air-cooled, gasoline engine with 6 to 8 h.p. There are six forward and two reverse speeds. Road clearance is a minimum of 178 millimeters, and it weighs 250 kilograms. Power take-off speeds are changeable with two or four steps. A safety device keeps reverse from engaging until the rotary blades have stopped. It has an adjustable handle. gasoline engine to cultivate to a width ol H

Water Supply For Farmhouse

The most satisfactory method of pumping, however, is to use a windmill, or what is much better, a gasoline engine. Every up-to-date farm ought to have a small gasoline engine, which can be utilized not only for operating this water supply syste ra, but for churning, sawing wood, cutting feed and ctoing a dozen and one other jobs about the farm. - It would take only a few minutes of pumping to raise the pressure in the tank the desired height. With the engine it will not be necessary to be economical in using water, provided the well is a good one, and the supply of water large.

Mang Tillers

Weighing 503 pounds, the Mang Model 95 tiller is designed for heavy-duty tilling jobs encountered by landscapers aud nurserymen. The overall width is 26 inches, but it only tills 15 inches at one time. The smaller, 380-pound Mang junior has a tiller cutter width of 21 inches and is powered by a 7 h.p. gasoline engine. With both models, the strain and shock of the toughest tilling are distributed among the


Haban Snowblower Attachments

The Bucher M600 cutter bar mowers are specifically designed walking tractors for mowing and windrowing crops grown on the steep slopes of Switzerland. Three different mechanisms are available for windrowing a trailer and sulky are also available. Spedal wheel extensions keep the mower upright when traversing a slope. The M600 is run by a 10 h.p., air-cooled gasoline engine, has three forward, one reverse speed, and weighs 320 kilograms. Other models are avail AEBI tractors come in three models the AM 8 the AM 15, with 15 h.p. and the AM 75, with 10 h.p. All have four-stroke gasoline engines and mowing attachments. The AM 75 has a transmission with four forward and one reverse speed, Agria Model 2400 walking tractors are available with either an 8 h.p., two-stroke or a 9 h.p., four-stroke gasoline engine. They have a six-speed gearbox, three forward and three reverse, and an independent power take-off shaft. The steel-tube handlebars are adjustable 180 degrees, and track width can be...

HeftyF and LNT

The Hefty-F is an all-chore power tractor with a 27 h.p., water-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder, gasoline engine with dicsel option. A selective sliding gear transmission operates six speeds forward and one reverse for a maximum traveling speed of 8.5 mph forward. It has a live power take-off shaft at the rear of the tractor, a ground clearance of I9i inches, weighs 2,200 pounds and has a 12-volt starter and generator and four sealed-beam headlights. Sharing the same specifications, the Hefty LNT incorporates the same components into a compact design for narrow nursery work. Its 38-inch overall tractor width is adjustable to 56 inches. An optional creeper gear unit is available to reduce ground speed to as low as 0 mph for transplanting and for extra slow ground speed work. Optional implements include a 60-inch, midmount rotary

The Tinkering Farmer

Homade Potatoe Diggers

The front blade of the digger is 15 inches wide to get the whole mound of potatoes and skims along under the ground. Potatoes slide up a drag chain onto shaking tines which ift the soil away. Then the potatoes roll back behind the digger onto the ground. The escalating chain and vibrating tines are powered by an independent 5 horsepower gasoline engine mounted on the rear end of the digger.

Types of Engines


Fuel injection systems improve the fuel efficiency of a gasoline engine because the multiple sensors and computer can better match the fuel needs of the engine. Historically the additional cost of the system over a carburetor fuel system has limited its use to larger, multicylinder engines, but rising fuel costs and emission standards have been the impetus for increasing the use of fuel injection systems on smaller engines. An engine that uses injection does not have a carburetor the fuel is usually injected into the air stream at the throttle body or intake port. In some engines, a single injector is located at the throttle body (throttle body injection) that replaces the carburetor. This single injector meters the fuel for all of the cylinders. In the port injection system, an injector is positioned just outside the intake valve (port) leading into each cylinder. The injector in conjunction with the injector pump meters and delivers the required amount of fuel to the cylinder. The...