Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology: Economic Issues and Framework for Analysis

Joseph C. Cooper, Leslie Upper, and David Zilberman

2 Major Processes Shaping the Evolution of Agriculture, 15 Biotechnology, and Biodiversity

David Zilberman and Leslie Lipper

3 Private Research and Public Goods: Implications of 39 Biotechnology for Biodiversity

Terri Raney and Prabhu Pingali

PART II: Genetic Resources and Biodiversity: Economic 61 Valuation and Conservation

4 The Economic Value of Genetic Diversity for Crop 63 Improvement: Theory and Application

R. David Simpson

5 Managing Crop Biological Diversity on Farms 79

Melinda Smale

6 In Situ Conservation: Methods and Costs 103

Detlef Virchow

7 Understanding the Factors Driving on-Farm Crop Genetic 127 Diversity: Empirical Evidence from Mexico

Eric Van Dusen

8 Costs of Conservation: National and International Roles 147

Detlef Virchow vi


PART III: Distributional Issues in the Management of 175 Plant Genetic Resources

9 The Sharing of Benefits from the Utilization of Plant 177 Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Joseph C. Cooper

10 Economic Criteria for the Multilateral Distribution of 197 Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation Funds

Joseph C. Cooper

11 Modeling the Impacts of Bargaining Power in the 215 Multilateral Distribution of Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation Funds

Frederic Chantreuil and Joseph C. Cooper

PART IV: Biotechnology: Concepts, Values, and 233


12 Agricultural Biotechnology: Concepts, Evolution, and 235 Applications

Maria José de O. Zimmermann and Enrico Porceddu

13 The Potential of Biotechnology to Promote Agricultural 251 Development and Food Security

Hoan T. Le

14 Impact of Biotechnology on Crop Genetic Diversity 283

Matin Qaim, Cherisa Yarkin, and David Zilberman

15 Establishing Effective Intellectual Property Rights and 309 Reducing Barriers to Entry in Canadian Agricultural Biotechnology Research

Derek Stovin and Peter W. B. Phillips

Contents vii

16 Adoption of Biotechnology in Developing Countries 329

Holly Ameden, Matin Qaim, and David Zilberman

PART V: Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Development: 359 Policy Implications

17 Technological Change in Agriculture and Poverty 361 Reduction: The Potential Role of Biotechnology

Alain de Janvry, Gregory Graff, Elisabeth Sadoulet, and David Zilberman

18 Towards An Intellectual Property Clearinghouse for 387 Agricultural Biotechnology

Gregory Graff and David Zilberman

19 Policies to Promote the Conservation and Sustainable Use 405 of Agricultural Biodiversity

Leslie Lipper and David Zilberman

20 International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food 431 and Agriculture and Other International Agreements on

Plant Genetic Resources and Related Biotechnologies

José Esquinas-Alcázar

21 Synthesis Chapter: Managing Plant Genetic Diversity and 457 Agricultural Biotechnology for Development

Leslie Lipper, Joseph Cooper, and David Zilberman

Author Index 478

Subject Index

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