Proxy Indicators For Benefitsharing

In a world with full information, contributions towards a benefit-sharing arrangements would be based on Vji(I), I = 1 ,...,L countries, where

^ Vjt (/)= Vj (/), given that the benefit-sharing fund requires

/=i contributions from each of the L countries endorsing the IU. Of course, for the reasons discussed earlier, (Wj/ \ I) is unknown for almost any definition of I, and hence, is unknown. Hence, it appears that the best one can do is to base contributions on just the Wjt portion of F,7(/).9 While existing indicators cannot be explicitly based on benefits, given that a benefit-sharing fund will be created, the best one can do is identify existing indicators that are politically acceptable and that appear to have some connection to the benefits associated with PGRFAs.

Table 9-1 presents a list of potential country level indicators for benefit sharing that are at least somewhat within the realm of feasibility. No claim is made that this list is all-inclusive, but it does attempt to cover a broad range of classes. Indicators 1-3 are easily obtainable for almost all countries. While the collection of indicators 4-13 is technically feasible, they cannot be found for more than a few countries and/or crops, and hence, may be of limited policy usefulness, regardless of their correlation with the value of PGRFAs. Given that the negotiations on setting the total size of the Fund will essentially be independent from the negotiations that determine each country's contribution, a country's

Table 9-1. Potential country level indicators for benefit sharing





Value of agricultural output


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