Concluding Remarks

Precision agriculture technology is providing a unique opportunity to create soil maps that are sufficiently detailed to direct research planning at SAREC. In addition to the example given in this article, a few other opportunities to apply the baseline data to practical field problems have already occurred. For instance, the nature of soil variability maps as depicted by ECa was found useful to (1) the planners with the selection and placement of two newly installed sprinkler irrigation systems for field research (Claypool et al., 2004b), and (2) Belden et al. (2005) who explored the causes of apparent Fe chlorosis exhibited by grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench). Areas of the field were symptom free, but there were several patches that exhibited both extreme symptoms and elevated ECa values. Soil ECa results are also being correlated with important soil properties such as soil texture, which directly affects water-holding capacity—an important property in both irrigated and dryland soils. The ECa map should help guide direct sampling and sensor placement.


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