Delineated Sitespecific Management Units

From Equation (16.3) and scatter plots of cotton yield versus properties (Figure 16.2), management recommendations were made that spatially prescribed what could be done to increase cotton yield at those locations with less than optimal yield. Four recommendations can be made to improve cotton productivity at the study site: (1) reduce the LF in highly leached areas (i.e., areas where LF > 0.5), (2) reduce salinity by increased leaching in areas where the average root zone (0 to 1.5 m) salinity is >7.17 dS m-1, (3) increase the plant-available water in coarse-texture areas by more frequent irrigation, and (4) reduce the pH where pH > 7.9.

© ECa-directed soil sample locations

(c) Texture: coarser texture requires more frequent irrigation

(Study site: Broadview Water District, Firebaugh, CA)

© ECa-directed soil sample locations

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