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Senior art editor Ton's Toma Designer Glyn Bridgewater Creative Director Peter Bridgewater Woodwork demonstrations Neil Marshall Illustrator <7/7/Bridgewater Picture researcher Miriam Hyman Senior editor Sally MatEaehern Text editor William Sampson Indexer Dorothy Frame Editorial director hppa Rubinstein Art director Moira Clinch

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We wu!J like to dedieate this book to...

'Marshall & Son - Woodworkers', to Neil Marshall, his father David, and to his grandfather llarold.

We would like to thank Neil Marshall and his friend and employee iMurence Buttery -two really great w&hvorkers - for all their help and expertise, ¡jiurenee left school way hack in the forties, served bis apprenticeship with Neil's father David, and has worked alongside the family ever since. Just think about it... fifty years in the same job and still going strong - that's a lot of stamina, and loyalty, and know-how, and shavings!

Introduction 6


The Workbench and Vise 8

Lighting 10

Storage 11

Working with Wood

Grain and Figure 12

Milling Wood 14

Defects to Avoid 15

Strength and Qualities of Wood 16

Good Finish 17

Measuring and Marking

Measuring Rules IB

Rules, Sticks and Tapes 19

Marking Knives 20

Scribes and Awls 21

Squares 22

Gauges 24

Dividers 26

Calipers 27

Trammel Points 28

Jigs 29


The Vise 30

Bench Stops and Dogs 32

Wooden Handscrew 34

Bench Holdfast 35

The Hand Vise 35

C-Clamps 36

Steel Bar Clamps 37


Rip Sawing and Crosscutting 38

Sharpening Saws 39

The Ripsaw 40

The Crosscut Saw 42

The Panel Saw 43

The Backsaw 44

The Gent's Saw 45

Tenon and Dovetail Saws 46

The Bead Saw 47

The Bow Saw 48

Cutting Out a Chair Seat 49

The Fret Saw 50

Fretting a Chair Splat 51

The Coping Saw 52

The Compass Saw 53

The Pad Saw 53


How Chisels Work 54

Sharpening and Honing 55

Mortise Chisels 56

Cutting a Mortise 57

Beveled Edge Chisels 58

Cutting a Sliding Half-dovetail 59

Woodcarving Gouges 60

Carving Mallets 61

Woodcarving in Relief 62

Carving in the Round 63

Woodturning Chisels and Scrapers...64

Woodturning Gouges 65

Turning a Chair Leg Spindle 66

Turning a Bowl 67

Spokcshavcs 68

Shaping a Chair Arm 69

Knives 70

Whittling a Pan Slice 71

Drawknives 72

Making a Green Wood Chair Leg ...73


Sharpening and Setting 74

The Bench Plane 76

The Jointer Plane 78

The Smoothing Plane 80

The Block Plane 82

The Bench Rabbet Plane 84

The Rabbet Filister Plane 84

The Bullnosc Plane 84

The Shoulder Plane 85

The Three-in-One Shoulder Plane ..85

The Plough Plane 86

Router Planes 87

The Compass Plane 88

Wooden Moulding Planes 90

Combination and Multi-Planes 92

Using the 'Stanley 45' Combination Plane 94


The 3race »96

Auger Twist Bits 98

Twist Drills 100

Twist Bits 102

The Expanding Bit 104

Reamers, Rimmers, Rinders and

Hollow Taper Bits 104

Counter Sinks 105

Spocn bits 105

Sanding and Scraping

Surforms 108

Rasps 109

Ri filers 109

Scratchstock 110

Beading Tool Ill

Scrapers 112

Scraper Planes 114

Other Scraper Tools 115


Screwdrivers 116

Fitting Brass Screws 117

Hammers and Nailing 118

Joint Gluing 120

Veneering 122

Pliers 124

Special Tools

The Drawer-lock Chisel 126

The Nailer Plane 126

Cornering Tool 127

The Carver's Bench Screw 127

The Edge Trimmer Plane 128

The Compound Miter Saw 128

The Miter Trimmer 129

The Spirit Level 129

Woodturner's Center Finder 129

Renovating Old Tools

Planes 130

Woodcarving Tools 131

Saws 132

Handles 132

Chisels 133

Drill Bits 133

Wood Glossary 134

Index 142

Acknowledgments 144

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