Good Clamping Practice

Metal C-clamps are the primary clamp for woodworking. There arc big ones with small throats, small ones with deep throats, ones with cross bars for tightening the screw, ones with butterfly wing nuts, and all manner of sizes, shapes and types in between.When buying clamps there arc one or two pointers that you need to heed. The clamp must have a forged frame, and the ball-and-socket shoe fixture at the end of the screw must be centered on the anvil. Remember that, as most jobs need clamping at both ends, you usually need to buy clamps in pairs.

It is important that you use the correct size clamp for the job. If the workpiece isn't holding, then either you need to use additional clamps and/or you need a larger size. Never be tempted to use a wrench or bar to tighten the screw. Remember that clamps can exert many hundreds of pounds above: Always have a piece of waste wood between the clamp and the workpiece.


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