Renovating Woodcarving Gouges

While a quick flick through a current tool catalog will show you that woodcarving gouges arc very expensive, a visit to the average flea market will show you that gouges can be had for pennies. Now, the second-hand gouge might well be in a mess, but no matter, it can be brought back to life. Start by wiping the blade with beeswax polish and rubbing it down with the finest grade wire wool. Do both the inside and outside curves. Square the end of the blade off on an oilstone - not too much, just enough to remove rhc nicks. 1 lold the gouge up to the light and hone the bevel to a high-shine finish. Finally, use metal polish to clean the brass ferrule and wax polish the handle.

above: The same gouge before and after it has been cleaned and tuned.

Cleaning the Gouge

I Wipe the gouge with beeswax and use fine grade wire wool to polish the steel to a high shine.

2 Use a slip to swiftly bring the cutting bevel to a clean edge, then hone the bevel to the required angle.

3 Use a shaped slip to remove the burr from the inside of the blade.


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