Rifflers are small double-ended rasps. At about 7-8 inches long, with both ends being the same shape, section and cut, thev arc perfect for woodcarving. The hooked and pointed shape of the end allows you to work in small, tight, otherwise inaccessible areas. They are particularly useful in relief woodcarving for cutting the lowered ground down to a uniform texture.

They are held at the middle, with the index finger running down the length of the blade, and then used in much the same way as you might use the back of a spoon for burnishing. By using the different shaped rifflers - round, oval, square, triangular, and knife-edge - and by judiciously varying the direction of the stroke, it is possible to achieve a whole range of textural effects. However, you do have to be careful not to overuse rifTlers, potentially hlnrring the sharp corners of the imagery.

above: Rifflers files, with shaped blades and rasp teeth - good for cleaning out difficult-to-reach spots.


Adimublf stop or ftnce

above: A modern German scratchstock - designed for cutting grooves for inlays and headings.

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