Spoon Bits

The spoon bit is gouge shaped along its length and enclosed like a spoon at the leading end. It is one of the oldest of all the drill bit types. There arc special spoon bits for traditional uses, such as the brushmakcr's spoon bit, chairmaker's spoon bit and cooper's spoon bit. Other names describe the form, for example the duck-bill spoon bit and shell spoon bit. The spoon bit is unusual in that the cutting edge isn't dragged into the wood - as with the auger bit - but rather it is simply the downward pressure that produces the cut. This action makes the spoon bit particularly suitable for woodworkers who need simultaneously to drill holes at a low angle and to be in total control of the rate of cut on entry and exit - like Windsor chainnakcrs.

ADCVC: The spoon bit wins over most other bits in that it can be used either vertically or at an angle.


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