Turning A Bowl

There is nothing quite so pleasurable in wood turning as taking a choice piece of* sycamore or maybe a nice block of maple, and turning it into a shallow bowl. If the tools arc sharp, and the bowl is a nice, clean-lined form, then the wood will reveal a grain that is wonderfully lustrous and dynamic. And as if that isn't pleasure enough, there is the very special am-I-talentcd-or-what feeling of sitting back and watching as the bowl is used at the table. And, of coursc, when admirers offer you cash to make more bowls, then it just gets better and better!

I Use the gouge to clear the waste and to establish the overall profiles and steps that go to make the outside shape of the bowl.

2 When you arc pleased with the outside profile and finish, reverse the bowl on the chuck. Spend time making sure that the workpicce is perfectly centered.

3 Reposition the T-rcst so that you can approach the workpicce front-on. Use a parting tool to establish the width of the rim. rhrn use the tools of your choice to hollow out the inside shape of the bowl.

4 Use the double calipers to chcck the thickness of the wall of the bowl.

above: A well-formed, turned bowl.

abovc Convex/concave spokeshave

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