Using a Twist Auger to Bore a Deep Straight Hole

bet the workpiecc in the vise so that ■ the hole to be drilled is at a comfortable height and make a few turns until the screw point begins to bite.

2 Check the alignment by eye and then a^k a helper to check your approach with a square.

Use a ruler and/or a marked dowel to chcck the depth of the hole.


If you enjoy using both power tools and hand tools, then there is an auger bit known as a "combination auger." Designed to be used in power drills and the hand brace, these bits give a deep, crisp-cut hole, with the generous twists or webs resulting in a speedy removal of the waste.

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Drive shaft


Drive shaft

Chuck above: Single pinion hand drill with die-cast gear wheel.

above: Putting the bit in the chuck.

above: Putting the bit in the chuck.

There are three basic twist drill types: the wheel brace, the breast drill and the archimedcan drill. The following listing will help you choose the right drill to meet your needs.

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