Wheel Brace

The wheel brace, also known as the hand drill and the single-pinion drill, is perhaps the most familiar of all the drill types - the one that gets to be most used and abused. It is sometimes called an "egg-beater drill" because of its resemblance to the common vitchcn tool. In form, it usually has two wooden handles, a single pinion, a large open geared wheel and a three-jaw hand-tight chuck. I bis is the perfect tool for small holes up to about Vw. inch. To install the bit, the chuck is opened by hand, the bit is dropped into the three jaws, and the chuck is tightened up. Then the drill is held and supported with one hand, while the geared wheel is turned with the other. The best advice is to let the drill do the work - don't try to apply too much pressure or force the pace.

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