Woodcarving Gouges

above: Front bent gouge above: Front bent gouge above: Straight gouge above: Straight gouge above: Shallow sweep front bent gouge above: Shallow sweep front bent gouge

The straight gouge is like a straight firmer chisel except that the gouge blade is hollowed in cross section along its length, while the chisel is flat. All gouges are designed to make a curved cut. Put another way, if" you set the cutting edge of a chisel down on the wood and give it a tap, it makes a straight, dash-shaped cut, whereas if you repeat the procedure with a gouge, you get a curvcd cut like a "C" or WU."

When gouges are defined as being "straight," "curved," "bent" or "spoon," this simply describes the shape of the blade along its length. The combination of the shape and width of the blade in cross-scction and the shape of the blade in its length results in a tool designed to do a specific task. For example, if we take three tools, a Vi-inch-wide straight gouge, a '/?-inch-wide bent gouge and a '/.-inch-wide spoon gouge - all with the same sweep or depth of curve at the cutting edge - they all make the same cut. But from tool to tool, the shape of the handle along its length allows the tool to variously reach, dig, scoop, pare or otherwise perform a task that is unique to itself. To put it yet another way, when you find that a straight gouge can't be used to scoop out a cavity, then you go for a spoon bent gouge.

In use, straight gouges arc held in both hands and pushed, or held in one hand and struck with the mallet. Bent, curved and spoon gouges are generally pushed and levered. If you are a beginner to woodwork and want 10 try your hand at woodcarving, then the best idea is to get yourself an casv-to-carve wood like basswood and just a couple of tools - say a '/r-inch-wide shallow U-curve straight gouge, and a '/:-inch-wide deep U-curve spoon gouge. You can then get more specific gouge types when you understand your needs.

If you are a raw beginner and don't yet know how to sharpen your tools, then it 's a good idea to buy tools that arc "fully honed readv-to-use."

above: Bent gouge
above: Spoon bit gouge

above: Straight gouge above: Back bent gouge above: Straight gouge above: Back bent gouge

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