Agria 4800 Compact Tractor

Though universally applicable, the 4800 is designed to fill the gap between the range of operation of the two-wheel tractor and the commensurable four-wheel tractor in agriculture, nurseries, orchards, and vineyards. It is powered by a 19 h p., air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with six forward and six reverse speeds, differential, and differential lock. Top speed is 10 mph. The rear power take-off is independent of gear speed. Track width is adjustable between 24.2 and 52.3 inches; its ground

Agria 4800
The Agriß 4800 Compact Tractor with reversible Plow Agria-Werke

clearance is approximately 10 inches. Equipped with hydraulic lift and a 12-volt electrical system for starter, head and tail lights, and direction indicators. Weight: approximately 1,523 pounds. Implements and accessories include rotary tiller, wheel weights, spraying unit with its own 8 h.p., two-stroke gasoline engine with a 19.8 gallon capacity and high-pressure sprayer pumping 55 liters per minute, spring-tine cultivator adjustable from 80 to 125 centimeters, a six-disc harrow with working width of 43.4 inches, reversible plow, side reciprocating mower, four sizes of earth-boring augers, a two-part harrow with 70.8-inch working width, all-weather hood with front window, fertilizer-broadcaster in three sizes either ground-driven or driven by a power take-off connection, and 1,100-kilogram-capacity trailer. At the time of this writing Agria is seeking n distributor in North America.

Agria-Werke GmbH 7108 Moeckmuehl, West Germany

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