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Band Fasteners Tanks.

Racine, Wis.

The Implement Age, 1894

Crowder Peas Shell
The Mr. Pea Shelter shells all kinds of peas and beans—blackeye, purple hull, small crowder, cream peas, English peas, sweet peas, and the harder-to-shell limas and butter beans. Available from: Mr. Pea Shelter P.O. Box 29153-B Dallas, TX 75229 R.E. Tenney 8c Associates

by a hand-operated sprocket and chain and essentially blows away all the chaff, dust, and lighter seeds. The cleaned and separated grain is ejected from a trough at the rear of the machine. All hardware is made of cast iron and steel. All screens are galvanized. The frame is of oak, and hopper and screen housings are of alder or maple. The fan is galvanized sheet metal, and is driven by a 6:1 ratio sprocket and chain assembly. The width of this cleaner is 28 inches, length is 42 inches, and height is 36 inches. Weight: approximately 125 pounds.

American Village Institute

440 Meyers St.

Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Seedburo Equipment

Plans for this pea and bean sheller are available from the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. Ask for Agricultural Engineering Extension Bulletin No. 412.

Seedburo Equipment
Barley pearlers are becoming more generally available through homesteading catalogs. This one is manufactured by Seedburo Equipment Co.

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