Attachments for a chain saw

Individuals who haven't had a great deal of experience with chain saws may feel that tree felling and trimming may be the limit of a saw's usefulness. However, with the number of attachments becoming available, the power unit on a chain saw can be a very valuable addition to a tool collection.

The Stihl 08's, a 14-pound unit driven by a single cylinder, two-cycle gasoline engine, is capable of running a cut-off saw, a brush cutter, and one- and two-man earth augers. On many models, power heads can drive hedge trimmers, lumber-making attachments, milts, and drills.

Not all chain saws will drive all the possible attachments, so carefully check into accessories before buying a chain saw. A single power unit running several tools can be much less expensive than buying each toot separately for your woodlot.

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