Bouyer Tractor Type TE

Made in France, the Bouyer Type TE is a tractor built for function and simplicity. An air-cooled, diesel, four-stroke engine with either one or two cylinders, it comes in sizes varying from 14 to 20 horsepower. Wheel tread can vary from 1.410 to 1.800 meters. The V-belt transmission provides two speed ranges, high and low, for three forward speeds and one range of three reverse speeds. A wooden front platform pro-

Bouyer Tractor Type TE Bouvi-r vides space for carrying a small load (500 kilograms maximum) without a trailer and provides a place for carrying extra weight in case more traction is required. The three-point hitch with hydraulic lift can be attached to a number of cultivation implements on a drawbar. A four-row seeder-fertilizer distributor is available along with a range c! implements for tropical agriculture.

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