The Bucher M600 cutter bar mowers are specifically designed walking tractors for mowing and windrowing crops grown on the steep slopes of Switzerland. Three different mechanisms are available for windrowing; a trailer and sulky are also available. Spedal wheel extensions keep the mower upright when traversing a slope. The M600 is run by a 10 h.p., air-cooled gasoline engine, has three forward, one reverse speed, and weighs 320 kilograms. Other models are avail attachment dutch acts independently of traction controls. Controls are mounted on handlebars of tubular steel. It has semipneumatic tires with 11-inch by 4:00 wheels. Both models feature 14-inch tines for tilling a patch 26 inches wide and 8 inches or more deep. Attachments for the 5 h.p. model include a variety of cultivator tools, a 22-inch-cut rotary mower, a 24-inch snow-thrower, and a 30-inch dozer blade for grading gravel and clearing snow.

Haban Mfg. Co. 2100 Northwestern Ave. Racine, WI 53404

The Haban Fcz>er-Trac V with attachments: snow-blower, rotary mower, scraper blade, bolo tiller tines and depth bar, furrower, sweep, rubber tires, and hitter. Haban Mfg. Co.

able ranging from 7 to II horsepower. At this writing, Bucher-Guyer is seeking a North American distributor.

Bucher-Guyer, Ltd. Engineering Works CH-8166 Niederweningen Zurich, Switzerland

AEBI AM Walking Tractors

AEBI tractors come in three models: the AM 8; the AM 15, with 15 h.p.; and the AM 75, with 10 h.p. All have four-stroke gasoline engines and mowing attachments. The AM 75 has a transmission with four forward and one reverse speed,

Haban Snowblower Attachments

The Haban Fcz>er-Trac V with attachments: snow-blower, rotary mower, scraper blade, bolo tiller tines and depth bar, furrower, sweep, rubber tires, and hitter. Haban Mfg. Co.

Bücher Cutter liar Mower M200 Buchcr-Gu^er, Ltd. Engineering Works
Bucher M200
The AEBI AMI 5 pulling quite a load uphill. AZBI i Co.

a high-/Low-speed option for the cutter bar and three forward and one reverse speed for the rear power take-off- Power can be linked to a trailer capable of a 900-kilogram payload; hence the unit becomes a four-wheel-drive machine. Other attachments include a sulky, hay turner, and rotary tiller. Operating in reverse, the AEBI AM

75 pulls a potato harvester which digs the potatoes, sifts the soil away from the tubers, and deposits them in a row on the surface of the soil.

AEBI 8e Co.

AG Maschinenfabrik

CH 3400 Burgdorf, Switzerland

Agria 3400

Agria 6000 with weighted wheels for extra traction to pull a reversible moldboard plow.


Agria 6000 with weighted wheels for extra traction to pull a reversible moldboard plow.


Agria Model 2400 Walking Tractor

Agria Model 2400 walking tractors are available with either an 8 h.p., two-stroke or a 9 h.p., four-stroke gasoline engine. They have a six-speed gearbox, three forward and three reverse, and an independent power take-off shaft. The steel-tube handlebars are adjustable 180 degrees, and track width can be adjusted from 10.6 to 22.2 inches, depending upon accessories and row width. A wide range of attachments makes this unit Agria's versatile one. Attachments include a two-section, adjustable harrow, a two-piston spray pump, a water pump, a 31.5-inch spindle reel mower with seat, snow blower and plow, sweeper, rotary tillers with widths between 12.6 and 26 inches with or without duckfoot hoe, quarter-turn plow, reversible plow, ridger, cultivator, mulcher, sickle bar mowers of different working widths and fineness cuts, and a trailer with seat.

Agria Model 2700

Designed for power rather than versatility, the robust Agria 2700 walking tractor has a 13-h.p„ four-stroke diesel engine with electric start. The nine-speed gearbox, six forward and three reverse, operates at rates between 0.7 and

Agria 2700
Robust Agria 2700 with rotary tiller Agria-Werke

12 mph. The upper power take-off shaft operates at two speeds; the bottom also at two but with the option of operating independently of the gearbox. The lower shaft stops automatically when reverse gear is engaged. The 270-kilogram unit is balanced for easy maneuverability when hoeing, tilling, plowing, and transporting. One unusual attachment is the sprinkler, complete with water tank. Agria is not represented in North America at this time and is seeking distributors.

Agria-Werke GmbH D-7108 Moeckmuehl West Germany

Moty Mule Universal

The Mule is a versatile mowing, tilling, hay-harvesting implement built for safe operation on steep slopes. It is available with either a two- or four-cycle gasoline engine or a four-cycle diesel engine. A floating axle adapts to rough ground conditions without transmitting jolts to the operator. The V-belt power transmission absorbs the shock when obstacles jam the cutting blade on the reciprocating mower. Front and rear power take-off shafts are provided to power a great variety of implement attachments which may be installed in seconds, thanks to a quick-disconnect arrangement. The rear power takeoff can also be utilized to propel the shaft for a wheel-drive trailer. The unit weighs 150 kilograms, 100 kilograms without the mowing attachment, and operates in first gear at 4 kph, second gear at 10 kph and reverse at 3 kph. More than 25 attachments are available. Some of the more unusual ones include a grain-reaping attachment, push-on grinding attachment, hay-pushing rake, dibbling seeder with two-row arrangement, hay rake and tedder, hay rake with reversible rotation arrangement, and vineyard plow.

Moty-Werk, Landmachinenbau 8523 Frauental A./L62 Austria/Stmk

Kubota Versatiller

A heavy unit weighing 485 kilograms, the Kubota Versatiller has a continuous output of 9 h.p. and a maximum of 12. It operates at six forward and two reverse speeds and the tilling unit operates at four speeds. With a maximum traveling speed of IS kph, the unit is powered by a rotary, diesel-powered, water-cooled engine with radiator. It tills a width of 60 centimeters, a depth of 19 centimeters with 20 blades, tilling at a rate of 1 hectare every ten hours. The Kuhota puddles wet fields, tills, plows, harrows, and weeds. The power take-off provides a stationary 12-h.p. engine to drive belt-driven machines such as threshers, hullers, and generators.

Kerala Agro-Machinery Corp., Ltd. Athani P.O. Ernakulam District Kerala, India

Kubota, Ltd. 22 Funade-cho 2-chome Naniwa-ku Osaka, Japan

Note: The Kerala Corporation is interested in marketing their products in North America but has no distributor at this time.

LRRI Power Tiller

The International Rice Research Institute has designed this 8 to 12 li.p. tiller with features especially for developing countries. The heavy-duty power tiller offers almost all of the features of the latest power tillers produced in the industrialized countries, yet it can be easily fabricated in developing nations at a fraction of the cost. The machine is well balanced and is equipped with steering clutches for easy maneuverability. The four forward and two reverse speeds can be shifted by using a simple main clutch control and gear shifting lever. Belts do not have to be shifted to change speeds. Used for cultivation on both upland and lowland conditions, the tiller can prepare 1.2 to 1.5 hectares of land per eight-hour day and can transport 600 kilograms on country roads. This rigid, heavy-duty machine is equipped with a water-cooled, horizontal-stroke diesel engine which transfers power through V-belts. Maintenance cost is kept low as most parts can be easily repaired in small machine shops, and many machine elements are readily available to developing nations.

Huller Attach With Power Tiller

Tfte //irt/ Power Tiller is seen here puddling a rice paddy while pulling the operator on a puddling sled. Notice the weight extending to the front to compensate for the weight of the sled and operator.

International Rice Research Institute

Small Tiller Gear Case

Not yet widely adopted, the IRRI puddling sled can be modified for construction with local materials for less than $20. International Rice Research Institute

Simple to manufacture, the power tiller has live major assemblies: engine, transfer case, muitispeed gear transmission, handlebars, and rotary tiller. All components, except the engine, can be easily fabricated in developing nations without special production dies and tooling. Consequently, production can be economical even with low market demand.

Manufacturers' addresses and construction plans are available from:

Agricultural Engineering Department International Rice Research Institute P.O. Box 933 Manila, Philippines

Hakorette Standard

The Hakorette comes with a 6 h.p. two-

stroke engine, elastic three-stage V-belt drive transmission with three speeds up to 10 mph. High, tract ion capacity powers attachments which include rotovator, snowplow, trailer with 500-kilogram or 14-ton capacity, 8-inch plow, and a reel mower with seat.


2060 Bad Oldesloe

Postfach 1444, West Germany


The Solo combi-system is a single 4 h.p., two-stroke engine complete with centrifugal clutch which can be fitted quickly to any of the following implements: mower, rotary cultivator, generator, earth auger, water pump, or outboard motor.

Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH 7032 Sindelfingen 6 Postfach 20, West Germany

Bouyer Two-Wheel Tropical Tractors

Though they are made in France, these tractors are marketed solely (at present) in developing nations. They were designed in collaboration with CEEMAT (Center for Studies and

Tests of Tropical Material), specifically to satisfy the demands of tropical cotton culture following a request of the CFDT (French Company of Textile). A spokesman for Bouyer explained, "It appeared to this company that a normal tractor was not able to work in cotton fields. In fact, it requires a simple machine to make eventual repairs very easy in areas far from economic centers, and a specific machine for cotton with a

Bouyer Walking Tractor with cultivator attachment. Notice depth adjustment and handlebar controls. Wheel weights are mounted to improve traction, and the extending frame in the front is a provision for adding even more weight. Bouyer high clearance and an adjustable working widili." They are able to work both in wet and dry cultures under hot climates.

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