Buildemyourself Two And Fourwheeled Tractors

Paul Davenport started building tractors over twenty years ago from parts he scrounged mostly from old Model A Fords. Now he says he is too old for that kind of work, but he still sells the plans for a two-wheel model with a two-and-one-half- or six-horsepower motor, and a four-wheeled, four-wheel-drive, six-horsepower model.

The feature Paul boasts of most is the ruggedness of his tractors, "These parts were originally designed to take the power of a 24-horsepower engine. With these small engines, they will last almost indefinitely." Some parts include a standard Model A transmission with three forward speeds and reverse, brakes for turning and handling, and regular wheels and tires (or implement tires).

You can build this four-wheeled, four-wheel-drive tractor from a Davenport kit. Paul Davenport

The Davenport two-wheel tractor has a drawbar with a single pin for changing implements quickly.

Paul Davenport V

The actual building cost is hard to estimate. It alt depends upon how good a scrounger you are and how much of the work you can do for yourself. There is a certain amount of cutting, drilling, and welding you will need to do, or perhaps your local welder will have to help you out.

The plans illustrate a simple but practical drawbar whicli pulls from ahead of the axles for better handling. A single pin allows a quick change of implements. With the two-and-one-half-horsepower engme on his two-wheeled tractor, Paul can pull a nine-inch plow, eight inches deep in low gear. The four-wheeled unit can pull a 12-inch plow ten inches deep in light to medium soil. Flexibility in the center, keeping all four wheels on the ground, regardless of terrain, coupled with four-wheel drive gives this machine "sensational pulling power."

Paul's Tractor Co. 8520 Cherry St Fontana, CA 92335

Gravely Convertible Tractors

Gravely Convertible two-wheel tractors have an all-gear transmission separately powering both the wheels and the power take-off shaft for attachments. Models with 8, 10, and 12 h.p. engines provide power to match the job requirements and operate with forward, neutral, and reverse speeds. Attachments include sickle bar; rotary and flail mowers; a plow, sweeper, and blower for snow; a dumping trailer; and, for the garden, a furrower, cultivator, shovel, and rotary tiller.

Gravely Steering Sulky
This Gravelypowerunithasa rotary mower attached to the front, dual wheels for better traction, and a riding sulky with steering column. Clarke-Gravrfy Corp.

Gravely Division of Clark-Gravely Corp. One Gravely Lane Clemmons, NC 27012


Ferrari carries three models of walking tractors with air-cooled diesel engines ranging from 7 to 21 h.p. The fuel injection system means there are no plugs, points, magneto, or carburetor. Direct gear-drive replaces the need for chains or belts. The middle range, 14 h.p. model has four forward and two reverse speeds, and power take-offs, each with two speeds. The tilling width is about 30 inches and the unit readily accommodates a sickle bar, snow blower, trailer, sprayer, plows, and even a table saw.

Ferrari Tiller
Ferrari with tiller attachment Ferrari International, Inc.

Ferrari International, Inc. 6104 Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, CA 92008

Ferrari S.P.A. Officine Meccaniche 120-15 Ltiizara Reggto Emilia. Italy

Pasquali Walking Tractors

Pasquali Italian-made walking tractors come In. many sues, ranging from 7 to 18 h.p. All are equipped with a four-stroke, air-cooled diesel engine. The lower-powered models, from 7 to 14 h.p., have four speeds forward and two reverse; the higher-powered units have a sliding-type key gear with synchronizer operating twelve speeds— nine forward, three reverse—at a rate of 0.6 to 16 kph. All models have two power take-off shafts, the top one synchronized with all gearbox speeds and the bottom one with two independent speeds. The rotary tiller disconnects automatically when reverse gear is engaged, and the handles are completely adjustable.

Pasquali has the unusual attraction of offering over 70 attachments for its walking tractors. So extensive is their list of attachments that it takes a 200-page book to describe them all. All

Pasquali Tractor Usa
The Pasquali Model 946 Pasquali U.5.A.

are available upon request through a dealer in the United Stales with the allowance of a twelve-week leatl time.

Pasquali USA Verona, WI 53593

Pasquali: Macchine Agricole s.p.a. Via Nuova, 30 Calenzano (Firenze) Pama Calenzano, Italy

EDKO Walking Tractor

The EDKO tractor is constructed with a i/4-inch by 3-inch frame and 11-gauge handle with

Pasquali Tractor Usa

The EDKO Chain-Drive Walking Tractor with toolbar and cultivators. EDKO Mfg., Inc.

three-position adjustment. It is powered by a 5 h.p. gasoline engine with six-to-one gear reduction and recoil starter. It features two speeds forward with "dead man" reverse (1.25 mph). Low speed ranges from 1 to 1.75 mph, high speed from 2 to 2.75. It has a rugged chain-drive system with dual-split steel pulleys, and 11-inch ground clearance axle with rächet wheel. Wheel widths are adjustable from 17 to 23 inches on

1-inch increments for each wheel. No tools are required to change the following attachments: 7-inch moidboard plow with coulter, disc, six-prong cultivator, furrow opener, 40-inch blade, wheel weights, and chains.

EDKO Mfg.» Inc. 2725 Second Ave. Des Moines, IA 50313

Haban Power-Trac V

The chain-drive transmission with one speed forward and reverse is provided only in the 5 h.p. size. The 3 h.p. model has no reverse. An

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