Dandekar Steel Plow

Moldboard plow with steel beam and forged steel share. It furrows 12 to 20 centimeters in width and 6 to 18 centimeters deep. Weight: 35 kilograms.

Dandekar Brothers (Engineers and Founders) Sandii

Maharashtra, India Safim Plows

These plows are available in VS models for general purpose plowing or IS models with higher clearance for use in trashy conditions.





200 mm (8")

39.5 kg (87 lb.)


250 mm (10")

40.0 kg (88 lb.)

VS 12

300 mm (12")

45.5 kg (100 lb.)

IS 12

300 mm (12")

49.5 kg (109 lb.)

Massey Ferguson (South Africa), Ltd. Steel Road, P.O. Box 677 Vereeniging 1930, South Africa

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