Dicks Bug Machine

Originally designed by Dick Geddes of Winstecl, Connecticut, tin's insect trap was used to supplement his chickens' diet. With only minor alterations, this insect trap can he suspended over a pond to effectively feed fish.



1-2' x 1' sheet. exterior plywood or

Sides: 4 pes. 12" sq. End: 1 pc. 12" x 131-2" Sides: 4 pes. 8" sq.

1 light bulb clamp and waterproof socket 1—10-watt light bulb -1-1" sciews


Brace: I pc, 1" x 1" x 8" Mounting block: i pc. 1" x 1" x 4

tkl nails


1 electric fan, approx. U/2" intake 1 tin can 1 nylon stocking

1 heavy rubber band OR 1 elbow tube


1. From % inch plywood, cut four 12 inch square pieces and a piece 12 inches by 131/4 inches. Nail the square pieces together, forming an open-ended box, using fid nails.

2. Measure the diameter of the (an intake and cut a hole that si/e in the center ol one side of the box. Mount the fan in the box, the intake against the hole cut for it, the exhaust directed out one of the open ends o£ the box.

3. Place the remaining piece of plywood against the open end through which the fan exhausts. Mark the location and size of the exhaust on the plywood, then remove tire plywood anil cut out the exhaust hole. Next, cut a similar-sized hole in the bottom ol the tin can and secure it over the exhaust hole with three i/2 inch screws. Finally, nail the plywood to the box, using 6d nails,

4. Cut four 8 inch square pieces of % inch plywood. Nail them together forming another open-ended box. Cut an 8 inch length of 1 by 1. Nail it across one open end of this box, so the light socket can be clamped to it, with the bulb inside the box.

5. Secure the light box to the fan box, using small corner irons or a homemade mounting, as shown in the photo.

Dick's Bug Maci

Dick's Bug Maci


tools fost homesteaders. gardeners, and sma.!.l >l a.le faa,4eks

6. To trap and collect insects, slip a nylon stocking over the exhaust pipe and secure it with a stout rubber band.

7. For an automatic teed of insects into your pond, replace the stocking trap with an elbow tube directed toward the water.

8. Plug in the light and fan. A 40-watt bulb will provide adequate light.

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