The V-Bar Digg^s

A 50-by-50-foot plot of laud can be ting to a depth of inches in two hours with Eric Brunet's U-Bar Digger. Two handles support a bracket with very long digging tines. To use it, the prongs are forced into the soil with the foot, handles at arm's length. The handles are then pulled back toward tiie body and rocked back and forth to crumble the soil sitting on the tines. Leverage does all the work. This same action can be used to raise potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables. No source is available at this time.

Eric Brunei and his U-Bar Digger.

The Grelinette

Similar to the U-Bar Digger is the Grelinette from France. The manufacturer claims it will work ten limes faster than ordinary labor and is not as exhausting. "We say that it is a biological too! because it integrally respects the bacterial lift* in the soil and soil structure, both of which benefit cultivation. This is a new gardening tool offering a rational technique of manual labor to mellow the soil without turning it over."

Besides loosening the soil, the Grelinette can be used for digging potatoes and root crops, fertilizing tree roots without damaging them, planting leeks, and aerating the soil for proper water and nutrient penetration.

A. Grelin

A. Grelin

Fourche Becher Grelinette

Fourche Beche en T

This is another French fork for working the soil without turning it over.

Association Culturelle 1 rue des Basses Boulangères 77850 Heriey, France


Hoe boy Rotary Cultivator

Hoeboy is an unusual Danish-built rotary cultivator with 12 blades to penetrate and break up surface soil and lift it in layers to form an air-filled naulch conducive to bacterial action. A knife at the rear cuts through weeds and soil below the surface, causing roots to wither and die. The cutting depth is adjustable and is set so as not to injure lateral roots of garden plants. The compact 8i/2-inch width makes it easy to work narrow rows and close planting. Knife bars and cutter bar are of spring steel and bearings are of Etronax, requiring little or no lubrication.

Tradewinds, Inc. P.O. Box 1191 Tacoma, VVA 98401


The eight blades on this unit have 40 hoe points—20 angled right, 20 angled left—to give stirring action to the soil when the wheel rotates.

Cumberland General Store Crossville


Rowe Enterprises, Inc.


Rowe Enterprises, Inc.

Use one or more of the five cultivator shovels to match tillage needs. The scuffle knife cuts a layer to a depth of 1 inch.

Rowe Enterprises, Inc. Galesburg, 1L 01401

Garden Tender

This cultivator is similar to the Rowe Ro-Ho, but lias a seetl furrow-shovel/row marker attachment.

Kumaon Marijuana

Cumberland General Store Rt. 1 Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

Rotary Hoe Soil Pulverizer

Similar to the Rowe Ro-Ho.

Kumaon Nursery Ramnagar

Nainital (U.P.) India tools for homesteaders, gardeners, and small-scale farmers

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to growing organic, healthy vegetable, herbs and house plants without soil. Clearly illustrated with black and white line drawings, the book covers every aspect of home hydroponic gardening.

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