EBRA Omnicuheur

This toolbar consists of a backbone-type frame and handles. Clamps allow fitting of a depth wheel, moldboard plow, and a ridging body, wide-sweep tine. Transverse frame extensions can be fitted to carry up to five rigid or spring-type cultivator tines.

26 rue de Maine, B.P. 84 49009 Angers, France

Arara Multicultivator

This is a backbone frame toolbar with depth wheel and handles. The following attachments can be fitted by means of two bolts: moldboard plow; ridging plow; groundnut lifter; spring-tine hoe with three or five tines.

Siscoma BP 3214 Dakar, Senegal


This lightweight, multipurpose, animal-drawn implement was designed for use in the mora arid areas of the tropics. It is made from square-section bar and square-section hollow tubing and is fitted with two skids for support. The tool can be used for plowing, ridging, ridge splitting, weeding, hoeing, rigid- and spring-tine cultivating, rotary cultivating, planting, row crop

Animal Drawn Moldboard Plow
Unibar with seeder attachments The Goodearth Group
Animal Drawn Moldboard Plow
LFmbortttttft two ridgtfig The Cwalearth Group

lifting, and carting. Originally designed for farming on the ridge, it can be used as a single-row too! for inter-row cultivation up to a late stage in the growth of taller varieties of tropical crops.

Project Equipment, Ltd. Industrial Estate, Rednal Airfield West Felton, Oswestry Salop SY114HS, U.K.

Heavy-Duty Unibar

This is a multipurpose, animal-drawn implement designed for heavier soils where extra

Imajenes Frases Suicidas Las Ultimas
Heavy-duty Unibar with a groundnut lifter The Goodcarth Croup

weight is essential to maintain penetration. It can handle the full range of standard Unibar attachments apart from the transport cart and, in addition, a 20-centimeter-cut general purpose plow, a lister-type ridger, a two-furrow semi-digger plow, and a 1.22-meter-wide 17-tine harrow, Up to four units of a new design of roller/ seeder can be fitted behind the harrow so that crops such as wheat, rice, and soy beans can be

Chitedze Ridgemaster toolbar ne

Chitedze Ridgemaster toolbar ne

Groundnut Lifter

planted in closely spaced rows. On this implement, the hitch and handles are fully adjustable.

Wide or narrow detachable V-pitces are used to carry the side stalks, to which various tools can be left assembled and merely bolted up to the frame when required. For plowing and ridging, the frame reverts to a width no greater than that of a conventional single-purpose plow or ridger.

Project Equipment, Ltd. Industrial Estate, Rednal Airfield West Felton, Oswestry Salop SY11 4HS, U.K.

Chitedxe Ridgentaster Toolbar Plans

This multipurpose tool bar is shown here and in plan views vith a plow body attached, but a ridger or cultivator can also be fitted to the vertical beam. The unique design feature of this toolbar is that it combines lightness with ade quate structural strength, the main parts being fabricated from rectangular, hollow-section (R.H.S.), mild steel.

Kabanyolo Ox Tool Frame Plans

This multipurpose tool frame is shown here and in plan views with a plow stem attached. When fitted with the Y-frame, it can be used as an adjustable-width, three-tine cultivator/ weeder. The tool frame is fabricated from flat steel, angle iron, and round bar. A simple skid is used instead of a depth wheel.

Prototype Multipurpose Ox-Drawn Tool Plans

Designed specifically for the fanner growing crops on ridges, the share on this multipurpose tool is adjustable to four settings: approximately 40, 55, 70 and 85 degrees. On thé comparatively heavy soils at Samaru, Nigeria, the share was used for ridging, splitting ridges, cross-tying, weeding, and breaking capped soils in the fur

Kabanyolo ox tool frame

Kabanyolo ox tool frame

Pics Drawn Tie Ridger
Prototype multipurpose ox-drawn tool

rows. The tool frame was designed with an offset beam to avoid blockage when lifting groundnuts. Though only a prototype, the design shows a considerable amount of ingenuity.

Above plans available from: Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd. 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN, England


I.T. Triangular Spike-Tooth Harrow Plans

Originally designed in India, the teeth of this harrow can be made Of hardwood or mild steel. Tooth spacing can be varied to suit soil conditions by removing teeth for wider spacing or by drilling holes and inserting teeth for closer spacing. The harrow can be used for preparing a seedbed, after plowing, and for covering seed after broadcasting. The harrow can be loaded

Triangular spike-tooth harrow

How Build Wooden Spike Tooth Drag

Triangular spike-tooth harrow with logs or stones to give greater penetration. For transport to and from the field, the harrow is turned on its back and run on the skids.

I.T. High-Clearance Peg-Tooth Harrow Plans

This harrow, constructed entirely of timber, was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania. Its high ground clearance and wide tooth spacing make it suitable for working in minimal tillage systems where it is advantageous to leave a trash cover on the soil surface. It can be used to break down soil clods before crop planting and for covering of seed after broadcast seeding.

Peg Tooth Harrow
High-clearance peg-tooth harrow 118

I.T. Flexible Peg-Tooth Harrow Plans

A locally built design from Iran, this low-cost peg-tooth harrow is designed for animal or tractor power. The flexible linkage between the bars helps make the harrow self-cleaning, and the linkage arrangement is designed to keep the teeth upright while in use. The bars are offset to give an average tooth spacing of 2 inches.

Peg Harrow
Flexible peg-tooth harrow

Japanese Harrow Plans

A simple, rigid, two-row harrow, this implement has a cutting action with the narrow edge of the teeth parallel to the line of draft. The flat, steel teeth are spaced 6 inches apart in each row.


Above plans available from: Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd. 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN, England

Allied Disc Harrow

This is a versatile implement for crust breaking and seedbed preparation. Six-disc and eight-disc models are available. The angles of the discs are adjusted by a hand lever and a seat is provided for the operator. The implement can also be used as a threshing roller. Working width: .80 meter. Working depth: 50 to 110 millimeters. Draft: 40 to 50 kilograms.

Allied Trading Co.

Railway Rd., Ambala City 134 002

Haryana, India

Cossul Disc Harrow

This is a versatile implement suitable for breaking clods to prepare a seedbed and also for puddling rice fields. It can also be used as a threshing roller. The discs are provided with scrapers. Weight: 6-disc model, 38 kilograms; 8-disc model, 92 kilograms.

Cossul & Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area, Fazalgunj Kanpur, India

Disc Harrow

Heavy-type, all-steel with six discs of 38-centi-meters diameter. Adjustable. Fitted with seat.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006, Rajasthan, India

Peg Tooth Harrow
Cossul Six-Disc Janti Disc Harrow Cossul & Co.

SAECO Bullock-Drawn Disc Harrows

Fitted with six discs, each 41 centimeters in diameter, and a central cultivator tine. The angle of the discs is adjustable. This harrow comes complete with transport wheels. Weight: 104 kilograms.

Standard Agricultural Engineering Co. 824/825 Industrial Area B Ludhiana A-141 003 Punjab, India

Peg-Tooth Harrow

This harrow is suitable for preparing seedbeds, for crust breaking or for covering seeds after sowing. The tooth angle can be adjusted by a lever. Skids are provided for easy transportation. Weight: 18-tooth size, 27 kilograms; 25-tooth size, 33 kilograms; 30-tooth size, 51 kilograms.

Cossul Peg-Tooth Harrow with 18 teeth Cossul & Co.
Cossttl Peg-Tooth Harrow with 30 teeth Cossul & Co.

Cossul & Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area, Fazalgunj Kanpur, India

Disc Harrow Type PSP

This disc harrow is all metal and can be supplied with six to 12 discs with working widths of 2,5 to 7 feet (0.85 to 2.00 meters). In each case the angle of the discs can be adjusted, and the disc gangs are interchangeable so that discs can throw either inwards or outwards. The six- and eight-disc models can be increased to 8 and 20 discs respectively. Transport wheels and a central tine to work between the gangs can be supplied A seat is supplied and scrapers are fitted to all discs. Weight varies from 327 to 463 pounds (147 to 208 kilograms).


82400 Valence D'Agen


Other Sources of Disc Harrows International Mfg. Co. (REGD.) Hospital Rd. Jagraon, Ludhiana Punjab, India

Kumaon Agri-Horticulture Store P.O. Kashipur, Dist. Nainital UP., India

Mohinder & Co, Allied Industries Kurali, Disf. Ropar Punjab, India

Spring-Tine Harrow

Danishmand&Co. Karakhana Bazar Luallpur, Pakistan


Ubungo Farm Implements

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Singh Patela

This is a type of weeding harrow consisting of a 1.68-meter-wide wooden plank set in a steel frame and fitted with steel weeding hooks.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006 Rajasthan, India

Soil Surgeon

This is an all-steel implement, 1.48 meter wide, with adjustable hooks which penetrate the soil to a depth of 100 millimeters and collect trash.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006 Rajasthan, India

Spring-Tooth Harrow

This implement is suitable for tillage at depths to 150 millimeters (6 inches) and the action of the teeth loosens the soil. It is well suited to work in land which contains roots and stones. Depth of working is adjustable by a lever. Weight: 5-tine model, 40 kilograms; 7-tine model, 57 kilograms.

Cossul & Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area, Fazalgunj Kanpur, India

Fixed-Tooth Harrows

No. of






0.70 m

27.5 kg


1.40 m

56 kg


2.10 m

82400 Valence DAgen


Blade Harrow

All-steel construction with depth and blade angle adjustments. Available in 225 and 450 millimeter sixes.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006 Rajasthan, India

Adjustable Harrows

The angle of the teeth is adjustable by means of a lever fitted to each harrow section.

ETS. Techine 82400 Valence D'Agen France

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