Felling Larger Trees

To cut a tree with a diameter larger than the length of your guide bar but not twice its size, proceed as follows: Make a notch, as before. Each cut of the notch may require as many as two cuts to complete. You can do this by making one half of the upper notch cut on one side and then moving to the other side of the tree to complete the upper notch cut. Do the same with the horizontal notch cut.

After the notch is formed, make a plunge cut about an inch or two above the notch and on the opposite side of the wood that will form the hinge. Start the plunge cut with the underside of the tip. When the bar has cut a few inches into the tree, straighten the saw to begin sawing straight inward from the tip of the bar,

When your plunge cut is about halfway into the tree and about twice the width of your guide bar, proceed to make the felling cut by sawing around the tree. Make a pivot with the tip of the guide bar in the center of the tree. Be careful not to cut into the hinge wood, and be sure to insert your wedge or felling lever in plenty of time to force the tree in the right direction. If you use a felling lever, be careful not to hit it with your saw. If you use wedges, be sure to use plastic ones, or make your own from wood.

To fell a tree with a diameter equal to or greater than twice the length of your guide bar, only one additional cut is necessary. This time the additional cut is in the notching operation and. in effect, cuts the hinge itself in half.

Make the notch, as before. Now make a plunge cut at the back of the notch, right in the center of die tree. The plunge cut should be at least twice the width of the guide bar.

Cutting a plunge at the back of the notch in tins manmsv actually crcates two hinges. Make another plunge cut at one side of the trunk and 011 the felling-cut side of the hinge. The cut meets the plunge cut that conies through the center of the notch. Continue the felling cut by sawing around the tree with the tip of the bar in the center of the trunk. Place your wedges or felling lever in plenty of time, and be careful not to cut through the hinge.

Note that if you fell a large tree on a slope, you should make the bottom notch cut at an upward angle. This provides more control during a longer fall.

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