Fixed Moldboard Plow

Pulled by one pair of bullocks, it plows a furrow 8 to 20 centimeters deep and 12 to 22 centimeters wide. Weight: 36 kilograms.

New Vijay Industries, Ltd. Vishrambag, Sangli 416 415 Maharashtra, India

At 35 Plow

This plow consists of a one-piece forged beam, soil-engaging parts of heat-treated steel, steel handles, depth control wheel, and draft chain. Weight: 23.3 kilograms.

Société Des Forges Tropicals B.P. 706

Douala, Cameroun

Moldboard Plow

Ubungo Farm Implements

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Raja and Victory Plows

These are short-beamed, chain-drawn plows and can be supplied wit It wooden frame (Raja) or all steel construction (Victory).

Danishmand & Co. Karkhana Bazar Lyallpur, Pakistan

CF 000 P Plow

This ox plow has steel wearing parts. Working width is 25 centimeters; maximum working depth is 20 centimeters. Weight: 38 kilograms.

Siscoma BP 3214 Dakar, Senegal

Punjab Plow

This is a heavy, short-beam plow designed to be pulled by two bullocks. It is capable of plowing a furrow 125 to 150 millimeters deep and 150 to 20 millimeters wide.

Sharda Engineering Works 105/661 D, Fahimabad Kanpur 208 005, India

Turnwrest Plow

This ox-drawn turnwrest plow was specially developed for use across hilly slopes and for horticultural work where a level seedbed is important. It is normally fitted with two handles and a wheel, and is manufactured in two weights, 33 kilograms (73 pounds) and 40 kilograms (90 pounds).

The body is pivoted under the plow beam and locked in position by a lever.

ETS. A. Bourguignon B.P. 17

26300 Bourg cle Peage Drome, France

Reversible Plows Animal Draft Reversible Plow

Available with plain or ribbed moldboard and wooden or steel pipe frame construction.


P.O. Box 8. Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Turnwrest Plow

The turnwrest plows ale capable of turning furrows either to the right or left. At the end of the furrow the plow bottom can be reversed by releasing the hook at the back of the breast, swinging the body under the frame into corresponding position on the opposite side, and

Hertecant Reversible Plow LEIE-9 Willem Hcrtecant

replacing the hook. The plow is supplied with a double steel handle, steel beam, cast breasts and self-sharpening cast-chilled shares. A headwheel is provided to give required depth. Available in different sizes from 150 to 250 millimeters. Weight: 43.0 kilograms.

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