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foube harvesters

The forage harvester has been developed fairly recently for collecting grasses or other forage crops from the field in their green stage to be used later for making either silage or artificially (tried feed. Earlier models of a field forage harvester consisted of a stationary chopper-blower mounted behind a reciprocating mower or behind a pickup reel for collecting previously mown grass. Power to the chopper-blower was provided either by an independently mounted engine or through the power take-oil shaft of the driving tractor. However, these models have now been largely superceded by the modem flail-type forage harvester ' where the mower unit or the pickup reel and the chopper-blower are no longer used.

The principle of operation involves flails, or blades, which are hinged on a shaft or cylinder which rotates at a high speed as the machine is being driven forward. The flails cut the stationary vegetation by impact, in a manner similar to a hand-operated grass slasher or a conventional rotary lawn mower. Rotating at high speed, they also act as a fan and provide a draft of air and the necessary momentum for blowing the cut material up through an elevated exit spout. The shape of the spout directs the cut material into a trailer at the rear with the help of an adjustable end flap. The height of the cut is regulated by adjusting the wheels on which the machine is mounted. Some Hail mowers simply cut high grasses and leave them in the field to be raked or baled.

1. The full-width adjustable crop deflector bends standing plants over so knives can cut stems time to the ground. Once cut, the stems are conditioned by repeated light contact with knife edges, ensuring uniform, effective conditioning and soft, palatable hay.

2. At a maximum speed, plants move up and truer the rotor without further contact witk the knives so the upper leafy portions of the

plants are undamaged,

A deflector at the rear slows down the speed of the plants and also fluffs and directs the hay down to the rear.

Cut and conditioned material falls gently on top of the stubble into a loose, fluffy swath or into a neat windrow of your selected width and density, depending on skield adjustment.

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The Flail mower consists of a solid shaft with loosely kung, pivot-mounted blades rotating at high speeds. This creates a tremendous chopping action, pulling material in from the front, shredding it, and distributing it evenly over the field. The blades simply fold back when they strike rocks or debris, returning to a cutting position when the obstruction is passed over.

i lie modem forage harvester, built as a compact power take-off-driven unit, can perform the multiple operations of cutting, chopping, and loading green grass, dry hay, and other silage crops into a trailer in one pass over the field. It can also be used as an implement for the care of meadowland by cutting local concentrations of coarse grass and weeds, for distributing manure, and for removing molehills.

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