Harrow Improvisation

by Rob Johnston, Johnny's Selected Seeds

There is a tool often called a Scotch Harrow, a fencelike grid of chain, which is tractor-drawn to level a seedbed. Well, I'd wanted one for years but never felt we could afford it. Anyway, we now achieve just about the same effect by attaching a large old barn beam behind the disc harrow with a towing chain. The beam drags along behind the disc, leveling out high spots and filling in the ruts left at the edge of the harrow. If we need a really perfect seedbed for some delicate crop, we take time to go over the piece with a steel garden rake and have found it important to have one with an extralong handle. This really gets it smooth and permits easy location of surface debris and stones.

The Cultimulcher

The cultimulcher or pulvimulcher is a combination of spring-tooth harrow and cvilti-packer—a set of cultipacker wheels in front and rear, with harrow tines in the middle. It is used (if at all anymore) to put a smooth surface of fine soil on recently plowed ground to prevent moisture from escaping in a dry planting season.

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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